Here it is, folks- the First Annual Golden Katz Awards! For the last two weeks you all have been giving me your nominations for your favorite films, performances, and bloggers for 2012. I’ve received almost forty ballots (thank you to all) and have compiled those nominations into the official nominees below. Simply vote below, using the embedded polls and feel free to spread the word on your own blogs (especially if you’re nominated).

Best Movie Overall
The Avengers
Django Unchained

Biggest Tear-Jerker The Perks of Being a Wallflower Beasts of the Southern Wild Les Miserables The Grey Seven Psychopaths

Funniest Film
21 Jump Street
The Avengers
Seven Psychopaths
Django Unchained

Best Worst Movie You Absolutely Love Battleship Prometheus Lockout The Expendables 2 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Best Leading Actor or Actress That Isn’t Daniel Day-Lewis or Meryl Streep
Quvenzhane Wallis- Beasts of the Southern Wild
Denzel Washington- Flight
Bradley Cooper- Silver Linings Playbook
Logan Lerman- The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Liam Neeson- The Grey

Best Supporting Actor or Actress That Will Get No Love Come Award Season Michael Fassbender- Prometheus Ezra Miller- The Perks of Being a Wallflower Judi Dench- Skyfall Christopher Walken- Seven Psychopaths Pierce Gagnon- Looper

Best Hero
Daniel Craig as James Bond- Skyfall
Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne- The Dark Knight Rises
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark- The Avengers
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk- The Avengers
Jamie Foxx as Django- Django Unchained

Best Villain Javier Bardem as Silva- Skyfall Tom Hardy as Bane- The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hiddleston as Loki- The Avengers Matthew McConaughey as Joe- Killer Joe Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie- Django Unchained

Best Script
Drew Goddard & Joss Whedon- Cabin in the Woods
Chris Terrio- Argo
Stephen Chbosky- The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Martin McDonaghSeven Psychopaths
Quentin Tarantino-Django Unchained

Best Stunt Work The Dark Knight Rises Haywire The Avengers Skyfall Total Recall

Best Music
Hans Zimmer- The Dark Knight Rises
Howard Shore- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Alexandre Desplat- Moonrise Kingdom
John Williams- Lincoln
Various- Django Unchained

Most Beautifully Shot Film Life of Pi Skyfall Prometheus The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Moonrise Kingdom


Best Overall Blogger (single writer)
JessicaThe Velvet Cafe
Daniel FogartyFogs’ Movie Reviews
Mark WalkerMarked Movies
Tyson CarterHead in a Vice

Best Movie Site French Toast Sunday Man, I Love Films The Motion Pictures Filmophilia

Best Rating System or Review Format
Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob
Two Tickets For…
Today I Watched a Movie
Benend’s Basement

Best Design Cinematic Corner Man, I Love Films French Toast Sunday Rhino’s Horror

Funniest Writer
Jason SotoInvasion of the B Movies
Chris ThomsonTerry Mallory’s Pigeon Coop
NolahnBargain Bin Review
John LaRueThe Droid You’re Looking For

Most Likely to Teach You Something Dan HeatonPublic Transportation Snob Patrick McDonnell100 Years of Movies Richard KirkhamKirkham A Movie A Day Dusty WallaceDusty on Movies

Best Recurring Feature
Tuesday’s Trivia TidbitsMarked Movies
Desert Island FilmsHead in a Vice
DVD CourtThe Cinematic Katzenjammer
Visual ParallelsCinematic Corner

Best Classic Film Coverage Journeys in Classic Film 100 Years of Movies The Great Katharine Hepburn Film Flare

Best News Coverage
Rhino’s Horror
Man, I Love Films

Best Awards or Box Office Coverage Two Dude Review Movie Mavericks The Gold Knight Never Too Early Movie Predictions

Best Movie Podcast
Title Pending Movie Podcast
The LAMBcast
As You Watch
Movie Mavericks Podcast

Best Review of a Terrible Movie LOL by Rorschach Reviews Stir of Echoes by Journeys in Classic Film

Best Review of the Year
The Shining by Daniel Fogarty Fogs’ Movie Reviews
Gomorrah by Dan Heaton at Public Transportation Snob

Blogger You’d Most Like to Have a Beer With Dylan FieldsMan, I Love Films The VernThe Vern’s Videovangaurd Daniel FogartyFogs’ Movie Reviews Andy Staats– Andy Watches Movies

Voting ends Sunday, January 6th!

Also, if you can take the time to follow my blog by email (on the right hand side) and/or Like it on Facebook, I would be most appreciative.

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  • LOL. Having a beer with me is a bad idea. 😀

    Meanwhile thanks for the consideration and the honor… Looking forward to throwing down with Heaton mano-a-mano in the “Best Review” category. LOL Bring it Dan, it’s head to head! 😀

  • Nick

    The polls disappeared.. Hold on while I put them back up

  • Dan

    Woo! Thanks Nick! Fogs, I must break you.

  • Nick

    I figured a battle of that sorts was necessary

  • Some really touch choices but my votes are in 🙂 Fingers crossed for funniest review!

  • Fogs, I’ll share a nice tall glass of bottled water with you!

  • This is tough indeed! Great nominations overall.

  • LOL Dannnnnn… THAT’S the spirit! 😀


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  • Dan

    I have a feeling that afterwards I’ll be saying “he’s made of iron!” about your amazing skills. I can’t compete with the Fogs army!

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  • Sone great stuff here man. I’m so glad to be included in a couple of nominations.

  • Really happy to be included in a category, thanks for whoever voted for me. I’ve weighed in with my own votes.

    I really love the choices and the poll design. Here’s to another great year of movie blogging guys.

  • My votes are cast! Some very worthy bloggers on there and it was nice to see my name on there, very appreciative for that!

  • We’re incredibly happy to be included as a nominee. Thank you to whoever nominated us! Lot of tough competition in all the categories, this is going to be hard to vote for!

  • Man, those were some tough choices I had to make. Now I know how it feels to be a brain surgeon, so much power at my finger tips.

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  • Very cool choices! I’m hoping cinematic corner can score a win or two. Get ’em Sati.

  • Nick

    Haha. Vote for all the categories!

  • Nick

    Haha. Imagine putting it together. I felt like a God.

  • Nick

    You earned it!

  • Nick

    Thanks for voting!

  • Nick

    Thanks Ben, always full of compliments!

  • Nick

    I’m glad to see you nominated, especially your Tuesday’s Trivia Tidbits. Great article.

  • vern77

    Holy Shit I got nominated. Wow Thank you all very much. I would have a beer with all of the other nominees in that category too.

  • Nick

    Thanks for voting!

  • Nick

    Thanks for voting!

  • Nick


  • I fear I would crumble under that kind of power.

  • I’m so happy and humbled by Filmophilia’s nominations. I’ve cast my votes in all categories, and there are some fantastic blogs competing here. Voting for the blogs was harder than the films.

  • This feels like the LAMMY primaries.

  • Oh I’m nominated, that’s so cool! There are some seriously cool blogs here that I didn’t know!

  • oh and btw, Cinematic Katzenjammer is getting better and better – terrific job, Nick!

  • Nick

    I’m shocked at how much attention this is getting and how many people are campaigning. I love it!

  • Nick

    I’m glad the competition is stiff. As I keep an eye on the votes, most categories are dead heats. I love it.

  • Nick

    Thanks Sofia!

  • Joe

    To paraphrase Maximus…”I do not campaign”

  • 70srichard

    Clearly a distinguished group of nominees. I did not think enough people stop by my site to notice. Or maybe I’ m just such a know it all when I post comments. Thanks for the props.

  • Appreciate the nominations. 2 categories, wow! Thanks Nick for putting this together, great job man 🙂

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  • I’ll even buy the beer

  • Nick

    Thanks to everyone for voting so far. I almost have 100 votes PER category.. that’s amazing!!!

  • The suspense is killing me! When does voting end again Nick?

  • Nick


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