New Destiny Footage and Why I Just Can’t Seem to Care

I understand that I am probably in the minority here. Bungie yesterday put forth another trailer for their upcoming title, Destiny, at the Game Developers Conference, via IGN, showing off a little bit more about the characters of the game. The majority of what we have seen up to this point has shown off the land of Destiny and the basic scenery for the game. Sony even went as far as bringing the game out for the PlayStation 4 reveal, in showing off what the game could do and on top of that, it would be a cross-platform title. All of this hype for probably one of the most anticipated games of the year and possibly next, pending the release date, but as I sit here and look at everything that has been presented by Bungie, I just don’t care. No matter how hard I try to get interested in the game, I just can’t seem to pull myself to have any excitement for the game. Destiny has shown off an incredible visual feat to this point, as the game looks incredible and the scale and sheer mass of the playable area is impressive, and that’s understating. Believe me, its not easy sitting here on the other side of the fence, from all the cool kids that are itching with excitement, knowing that everyone and their brother will be playing the game, but here I am wondering what all the hype is about and here is why.

There is little doubt that the world is fantastic and beautiful, but is that enough for you?

There is little doubt that the world is fantastic and beautiful, but is that enough for you?

Even with the newest video showing off character models, which is yet another choice of Bungie to slowly leak tid-bits of information, the game has nothing more than a tipped feel. The first complaint is that the marketing for the game has done nothing, in my mind, to show off what the game is about. I refuse to simply get excited about a game based on the name of a developer. Bungie is iconic, that is for sure, but they were fostered along by Microsoft and are synonymous with the Halo branding. So far, Bungie has done nothing with Destiny, in terms of it’s publicizing, that I don’t care what they do, every time that I see Destiny, all I see is Halo as well. has me chomping at the bit for the game. They are resting on their laurels which too many companies do to this point. Instead of showing off the game, they know that if they flash their development companies name that people will flock to their project. A perfect example is that of The Phantom Pain trailer that had so many people stunned before learning that the title was, in fact, Metal Gear Solid V. Just because people saw that Kojima was behind the project consumers flopped down their money faster than they would for their own kidney. While it did a better job of depicting what the game was than Destiny has to this point, it still had a lot to do with who was behind the project instead of the game itself.

What does this trailer truly show us about the game, it feels shallow and rather thoughtless.

It is the same case when I look at the name of Bungie being one of the highlights of the game that causes me to, again, not be as enthusiastic as some. Every single article that I read, or trailer that I see, it is always “Bungie’s” Destiny. There in lies the biggest problem for my modest anticipation for the game and it really isn’t the fault of Bungie in this case. What do we know about Destiny to this point? It is a space/sci-fi shooter focused around a destruction-laced world that humanity, or what’s left of it, is fighting to save. Sound like another game that Bungie might have done? I don’t care what they do, every time that I see Destiny, all I see is Halo as well. Bungie will forever be tied to the Halo franchise, even as 343 Industries moves forward with the it and even despite how well they may do. Bunige was the mind behind Master Chief and the creation of the Halo universe, and Destiny looks like an attempt to create a bigger Halo game. I think that Bungie, even though Destiny may wind up being a fantastic title, made a bad move to create a game such as this right after leaving their headlining title to pursue other opportunities. Had this been the second or third game that they had done, my feelings might be different, but it isn’t that case and I can’t get excited for a game that feels, to me, like them trying to shove it back at Microsoft for the tremulous split that the two experienced. For me, this is a “Hey Microsoft, we’ll show you and create a game that will take down Halo because it is made by the original studio and is exactly like Halo“. I don’t get excited for a title that is made to feel like the game is being made out of spite instead of pure adoration for the subject matter.

We have seen other games, such as Rage, that look fantastic and play amazing, but the shallow story and direction make for a bargain-bin title at best.

We have seen other games, such as Rage, that look fantastic and play amazing, but the shallow story and direction make for a bargain-bin title at best.

Maybe I am the only one, and that is fine with me, but Destiny is very underwhelming with what has been shown so far. I just don’t see what all the hype is about. There are numerous other games that, in my mind, deserve the limelight before Destiny yet so many want to mount the game among the gaming-greats before we even know what the true direction of the game is. Which brings me back to the fact that Bungie is what is building the excitement, simply because of what they have achieved in the past. Sure there are studios that do that all the time, but we have also seen studios that have been known for an amazing title, that wind up following it up with something that is terrible and unworthy of praise, yet has seen so much hype simply because of the company or studio that is making it. I think at this point gamers need to be excited about the game, and if you can explain to me what there really is to get excited about with Destiny I am all ears. So far, the little bit of information and details that have been given about the game and the tid-bits that we have seen are simply not enough to warrant the hype machine being kicked into high gear just yet. I will be the first to admit, once something is shown that is worthy of my time, that I will be behind the project. Until they can show me that this isn’t their attempt to push a title that is their way of getting back at Microsoft and show me something that is of substance and worth, I will reserve the right to maintain my tipped anticipation. At that day and time, where that information becomes divulged and warrants my attention, I will officially kick the hype machine into overdrive; the question is will they do enough to ever get me to that point.

Written By Nick

Nick is a man obsessed with all things related to film. From the most obscure to the very popular, he’s seen it all and hopes to one day turn his obsession into a career that makes a lot of money so he can buy a monkey, a bulldog, and a full size Batman suit.

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the author

Nick is a man obsessed with all things related to film. From the most obscure to the very popular, he's seen it all and hopes to one day turn his obsession into a career that makes a lot of money so he can buy a monkey, a bulldog, and a full size Batman suit.

  • tkk

    then why’re you writing this anyway ? idiot. don’t care, don’t like don’t buy.

  • IamAGamer

    What a daft comment TKK. It’s an expression of his opinion on a fairly highly touted next-gen game; he’s writing an opinion on it and a trailer which came out for it. He’s a journalist for chirsts sake.

    Anyway: My point is this. I agree, but I am prepared to give Bungie a bit of time and space to show what they can do with the concept they’ve got. We know they’ve got the game mechanics down pat, we know they make a fun game. Probably not best to jump to conclusions yet. As a Playstation man, I’ve had little opportunity to sample their games outside of Halo CE on PC, I’d love the opportunity.

    However, if they introduce some sort of pricing system outside the original money I paid for the disc then I will outright refuse to buy this game. I’m not having any subscription based, pay to win tripe thanks and this new trend in gaming is frightening.

  • Meh

    ” A perfect example is that of The Phantom Pain trailer that had so many people stunned before learning that the title was, in fact, Metal Gear Solid V. ”

    Not at all , while we didnt know for sure what was exactly phantom pain , we had before that a fully rendered Ground zeroes trailer with actual ingame footage .

    Meanwhile Destiny is vapoware for the general public for now

  • brubble

    Good article. Cant say I agree with bumjie’s stab at MS, I doubt they give a shit at this point; though one never knows the levels of arrogance within bungie. IMO bunjie is simply making the Halo game they’ve always wanted given the advanced level of tech now available. In the end it will still just be a fancy HALO mmo. I loved the Halo games so Im on the fence over this one.

  • CorpseMoney

    I feel like all these comments are just for the festering hate of the industry of the industry in its current state. I think that like they said at GDC, the development was very long. And they recently got the game into a playable state, and that they are slaving to show us some of their great content. They might not have shown much, but I think they are showing everything that is currently presentable. I for one swore of FPS 3 years ago, and said I won’t play one until Bungie releases theirs for PS3. I’m greatly excited for this game, its exactly the type of content I’ve been looking for.

    Look at the features they are planning, if they deliver on half of them, I’ll be a kid in a candy store playing destiny. But we know their track record, and I believe they can deliver all of the features.

  • Kevin M

    I have to agree with the author on this one. I cant stand when a developer tries to generate hype without any substance. Case and point, the above poster: TKK.

    This is a person who has fallen hook, line and sinker for a shallow marketing ploy. Without any knowlege of how the game will actually play, we have people deending the title as if its already gotten a 9.8 at IGN.

    Personally, I’ve got high hopes for this game. Im a X360 player and a Halo fan, and the idea of a MMOFPS (or something that features large-scale multiplayer firefights) has me foaming at the mouth.

    however, the fact that they have given us basically no understanding of what this game will be like has caused me to take a skeptical approach. I will wait until I see some real online multiplayer footage, and some talk of features and player counts, before I get excited.

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the reply TKK and sorry that I am a little late in mine, I am writing about one of the most heavily publicized games of this year and the fact that the game has done nothing to excite. That’s the reason, thanks for the reply though!

  • Aaron

    I thank you IAMAGAMER for commenting on the article! I have to say I am too in the same boat in giving Bungie time to make things right with the game. I think that Bungie, and the creator of one of the most beloved franchises of all time in Halo, deserves that. You are 100,000% right about the new subscription based play features. Its a sad truth in gaming that free-to-play and models like it, look to be the future of gaming. This is indeed a sad truth!

  • Aaron

    The reason that I used the remark about the Phantom Pain trailer is that the trailer used a lot of suggestive themes and relied on the fact that Kojima made it. The game looked amazing and did show a lot more footage than Destiny has, but this hinting that games are doing is getting old. I do appreciate the comment Meh! Check back with us for more 🙂

  • Aaron

    Yeah Brubble your probably right about them making the Halo game they have always wanted, yet I don’t know why Microsoft would limit something like this for the Halo Universe. That is the only reason that it feels sort of like a stab at Microsoft. The other reason is because they toyed with the idea of a Halo MMO and it got shot down because of public appeal. Maybe it was just too early of a time period to do it, but with the success of games like World of Warcraft, one must wonder why they would even think about removing a game such as this unless no one was interested. You made a perfect connection here, and this is another reason, to me, it just feels like an aha! moment rather than something that the public wants. It’s Bungie, and their first game since leaving Microsoft, its going to get hyped by the media no matter what!

  • Aaron

    I am so happy that you are excited CORPSEMONEY, I do however feel like by them leaving in 2007, they had some stuff done already or concepts in mind. Why are we JUST NOW seeing concepts for a game that has been in the works for 6 years now. If they are just now getting it into a playable state, what have they been doing for all this time? If this is the case, I have even less interest in the game than when I wrote this article, because it just goes to show that Bungie is twiddling their thumbs rather than giving us a game that we want. Games take a long time to make, but concept drawings are the first leg of the development cycle, seriously are you just now completing them after 6 years? I hope they do deliver a game that people want and need to buy. I think that the biggest problem is that Microsoft was always the one to show off the games, so Im not convinced this is all they have done, but instead that they have a poorly made team of marketers that just don’t know how to show the game in appealing way. Or they are just to this point and I just again, ask why?

    Thanks for the comment and I do hope too that they game is a system seller for next gen!

  • Aaron

    Yeah I just don’t understand why they are marketing the game this way. What made Watch Dogs the hit of E3 last year for Ubisoft? It was concept art, it wasn’t screen shots, it was the demo that ran and the trailer afterwards. It generated so much hype the gaming industry has been talking about it since the trailer debuted. It has been a very hyped game all year and they really haven’t shown off more, there is no reason that Destiny shouldn’t be doing the same.

    It is sad that too many companies are taking this approach instead of realizing they need to be doing something like Watch Dogs did to generate the right kind of hype, instead they are generating hype for all the wrong reasons. Thanks for the comment Kevin!