Box Office Talk: Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger Predictions

As the second half of the year begins and summer reaches its mid-point there comes a point when film goers start to scale back due to the amount of money spent seeing all the early season blockbusters. While there are still a number of movies scheduled that will do very well due to their level of anticipation, but as the end of summer nears those films will be few and far between. School years don’t typically end until sometime in June, so it’s easy to see why studios have targeted the Fourth as a good time to release family films. In recent years films such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Transformers: Dark of the Moon performed exceedingly well over the Fourth of July holiday. This year, two films are hoping to cash in with families over the holiday.

This same weekend three years ago Universal hit it out of the park with Despicable Me. The film was an incredible hit with families, unexpectedly so with parents and went on to gross over $251 million domestically. Despicable Me‘s hoard of Minions were comic relief, but the film’s main character Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) was easily likable and often times relatable. Despicable Me 2appears to be more of what we saw in the first film, and looks to be as good based on the trailers. Taking into account how well Monsters University performed a few weeks ago when it premiered, Despicable Me 2 is sure to be a box office hit. Projections for the film have ranged from $90 million to $120 million. I’m leaning closer to the $120 million mark, but not quite all the way. Regardless Despicable Me 2‘s box office is surely going to be massive and I’m certain that we’ll be seeing Despicable Me 3 in about 3 three years during this same weekend; in the meantime, there’s a Minions feature film headed our way reportedly in December 2014.

Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski worked together on the first three Pirates of the Caribbean and made Disney an incredible amount of money in the process. Combining the pair once again for The Lone Ranger seemed like a no-brainer. This time around Depp is taking a back-seat in playing Tonto to up and coming actor Armie Hammer who plays the film’s namesake. Unfortunately, while the film does seem to look good in appearance it doesn’t seem to be generating much interest. Typically western films, and let’s be honest The Lone Ranger is a western, just don’t appeal to the masses and do all too well at the box office. While I think Depp’s name is still a draw, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tideswas the lowest grossing film of the franchise and Dark Shadows was a huge disappointment. The Lone Ranger is a perfect example of a film that can have a decent opening, but be considered a disappointment because of how much the film costs to make; The Lone Ranger was made for a reported $215 million. I’m seeing a decent opening, but nowhere close to what the film would need to open at in order to turn a profit.

I wouldn’t feel good about myself if I didn’t make mention to the new stand-up comedy film from Philadelphia’s own Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain was filmed at his Madison Square Garden performance during his 2012 sold-out tour. Hart has made a name for himself as a top comedian, as well as an actor making a name for himself. I don’t know if film goers will pay to see a stand-up comedy film, when there are enough comedy specials on cable; however, the guy has far too many fans for me to bet against him. I see a top 10 finish for the film, and that’s nothing to laugh about.

Here’s how I see the Top 10

Box Office Predictions

1 Despicable Me 2 $112,800,000
2 The Lone Ranger $60,000,000
3 Monsters University $27,400,00
4 The Heat $22,700,000
5 Kevin Hart:
Let Me Explain
6 World War Z $14,900,000
7 White House Down $11,900,000
8 The Man of Steel $10,800,000
9 This is the End $5,400,000
10 Now You See Me $3,400,000

This is the kind of weekend that makes things interesting. The 5-day numbers from our predictors are all over the place, with significant separation for both The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2. For the former, almost no one sees the film reaching a number that would turn the film into a box office juggernaut. Daniel ($51.7M) has the lowest expectations for the film, followed by Trevor ($55M) and Nick ($58M). Jason ($72M) is the sole person who truly believes fans will turnout in mass to see The Lone Ranger. The numbers for Despicable Me 2 are huge from everyone. Although Nick ($79M) sees the film performing the lowest, everyone else is at $98.3 (Daniel) or above. I ($112.8M) see the film being ridiculously huge, and can’t say that I’m convinced that number isn’t low. This could be one of those weekends where we see a lot of movement on the big board.

Player /
The Lone Ranger
Despicable Me 2
Two Dude Review
$60M $112.8M
Daniel’s Film Reviews
$51.7M $98.3M
All My Life…I Wanted To Be A Blogster
$63.9M $104.8M
The Cinematic Katzenjammer
$58M $79M
Movie Mavericks
$72M $96M
Movie Mavericks
$55M $100M
Film Rehab
$65M $99M

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