Box Office Talk: ‘Riddick’ Poised to Muscle Past ‘The Butler’ (Predictions)

While it’s technically not the end of the summer, to most people once Labor Day comes and goes the summer is pretty much over. Studios appear to think along the same lines since throughout the summer three new releases, and sometimes even four, were a common occurrence and yet here we are the first weekend in September and there’s only one new film being released. For the most part September is a time when films that weren’t big enough to warrant a summer release and yet aren’t worthy of awards consideration. Of course, that’s not always the case as there have been some films to get September releases that have received recognition come Oscar time. In recent years, films like The Town and The Help, although an August release, were nominated in multiple categories. Aside from Lee Daniels’ The Butler, another August release, only Prisoners which is scheduled to be released on September 20th, no other September release looks like Oscar caliber. As for this weekend’s new release….

In February 2000 USA Films released Pitch Black, a surprising horror/thriller starring Vin Diesel in the role as Riddick. The film went on to be a surprising hit and spawned a 2004 sequel called The Chronicles of Riddick revolving around the Vin Diesel character. The sequel was made on a budget five times greater than original, and would turn out to be a box office disappointment. In exchange for a cameo in The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Diesel was able to secure the chance to do a 3rd Riddick film. Pitch Black may have been a box office, but the disappointment of The Chronicles of Riddick, due to its inflated budget, should have put an end to the series. Diesel has gone out on a limb with Riddick, although on a seriously reduced budget. Pre-release buzz has been so-so, but I expect that there are enough fans of the actor and the franchise to ensure a profit. The film should easily win the weekend, but whether or not it succeeds to the point that another sequel is forthcoming remains to be seen.

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