KTZR: The Marvel Universe and What’s to Come

Marvel has taken the world by storm with its billion dollar movies, fleshing out a universe shared by all of its heroes. It’s hard to argue that they’ve done much of anything wrong, and as Phase 2 kicked off this summer with Iron Man 3 and continues with November’s Thor: The Dark World, we sit down and talk about what’s in store for Marvel.

In this episode of KTZR, Vivek, Colin, and Nick talk about Marvel as a whole and what they’ve done up until this point. The guys also talk about what’s to come, including what they’d like to see in Phase 3 and what not moving forward.

Listen Here

Written By Nick

Nick is a man obsessed with all things related to film. From the most obscure to the very popular, he’s seen it all and hopes to one day turn his obsession into a career that makes a lot of money so he can buy a monkey, a bulldog, and a full size Batman suit.

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