DVD Court: ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘The Heat’

This week we put two movies on trial. As The Jury, we recommend what should happen to a particular DVD released today. Voting Burn It, Skip It, Rent It, or Buy It, we come together to deliver a verdict and hope to help you decide what to watch or avoid.

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The Jury:
Nick of The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Rodney of Fernby Films
Vivek of The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Fernando of Committed to Celluloid
Sati of Cinematic Corner
Joe of Two Dude Review
Colin of The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Tom of Digital Shortbread
Ruth of Flix Chatter
Jason of Digital Didascalia
Dave of Dave Examines Movies
Michael of Screen Kicker
Alex of Cinemaniac Reviews

Nick: Buy It
Rodney: Buy It
Vivek: Buy It
Fernando: Rent It
Sati: Rent It
Joe: Buy It
Colin: Buy It
Tom: Rent It
Ruth: Buy It
Dave: Buy It
Michael: Rent It
Alex: Rent It

Closing Statements:

Nick: “A bit silly and cliche, but delivers on every level it promises to, with great actions sequences, giant robots, massive monsters, and of course, Idris Elba. Plus, the jaegers in this film make Optimus Prime look like a Hot Wheels car.”
Rodney: “Absolutely gangbuster sci-fi action flick delivers more fun and entertainment per cubic pixel of frame than the rest of 2013’s Blockbuster Armada could muster in its entirety. Guillermo del Toro delivers a masterclass in how to make a popcorn-flick that pleases almost every demographic possible, and effectively challenges Michael Bay to up his game for the next Transformers installment.”
Vivek: “It’s the best raw genre blockbuster since Independence Day. An easy character-driven story that doesn’t muddle, depress, or complicate in order to dress itself up as something fancy.”
Fernando: “Cliché after cliché after cheesy line in this loud, repetitive story, where visuals take center stage and everything else falls by the wayside. After all is said and done, though, it is fun, and the visuals are really that good”.
Sati: “Unfortunately, Pacific Rim’s silliness crossed the boundaries of my endurance and its potential uniqueness was beaten to death with the piling cliches”
Colin: “Guillermo del Toro brought us the best blockbuster of the summer and there is no reason to not buy it and watch it over and over again. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a theater all year and I can’t wait to see it again. “
Tom:  “The film’s direction is a little clumsy and raucous, but it’s an action film that does not fail in any way in delivering the visuals, the drama and the grand scale that we may have otherwise been missing so far this summer — or even this year.”
Dave: “For the most part, Pacific Rim is more of a fun film than anything else, and when I say fun, I mean thoroughly entertaining. It speaks to your inner child in more ways than one, and it won’t disappoint.”
Michael: “Robots vs Monsters in my dream movie. If the parts between the robot/monster bits was better it could have been a classic.”

Nick: Skip It
Rodney: Skip It
Vivek: Rent It
Fernando: Rent It
Sati: Rent It
Joe: Rent It
Colin: Skip It
Tom: Rent It
Ruth: Rent It
Dave: Rent It
Michael: Rent It
Alex: Rent It

Closing Statements:

Nick: “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before and is relatively bad on its own, but when you compare it to the absolute rubbish we’ve had this year in comedy, it’s the shiniest of turds.”
Rodney: “I’m not a fan of McCarthy’s, and her style of humor – which is particularly one note in almost every performance she gives – grated on my like Quint’s fingers on the chalkboard. Bullock does well but seems to have passed her comedy years a long time back. Diverting, yes. Funny? Sporadically.”
Colin: “Offensive, unfunny, and offering nothing new, “The Heat” doesn’t even have likeable characters going for it.”
Dave: “If you’re down or bored, there are always films like The Heat that serve their comedic and time-killing purposes. If you can find a cheap rent, go for it.”

Written By Nick

Nick is a man obsessed with all things related to film. From the most obscure to the very popular, he’s seen it all and hopes to one day turn his obsession into a career that makes a lot of money so he can buy a monkey, a bulldog, and a full size Batman suit.

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