The CK’s December Blu-ray Giveaway: Win ‘World War Z’, ‘Man of Steel’, ‘The Lone Ranger’ or Other Titles

The holidays are upon us and that means all sorts of things, including having to buy all sorts of gifts for your loved ones and friends. Of course, this is far from being a terrible thing, as giving can be quite enjoyable. But isn’t it nice to get something for yourself on the occasion? Here at The Cinematic Katzenjammer, we hope to let one of you have a little something something for the season and that’s why we are giving away a free Blu-ray. Which one might you ask? Oh, this is the fun part. The winner will randomly be given one of the following films.

• The Little Mermaid – Diamond Edition
• The Lone Ranger
• Monsters University
• Angels Rising
• Rise of The Guardians
• Despicable Me 2
• Turbo
• Grown Ups 2
• Wizard of Oz 3D
• The Wolverine
• Star Trek: Into Darkness
• White House Down
• Fast 6
• Pacific Rim
• After Earth
• Man of Steel
• Red 2
• World War Z
• 2 Guns
• Weeds: The Complete Collection
• Predator 3D

To enter the contest, simply check out the #MovieMagic App below and follow the contest details below. It’s that easy! A winner will be contacted on Sunday December, 15th. As an added entry, tell us about your own Blu-ray collection in the comments section below! Feel free to brag, boast, and show off!

The contest is open to United States users only.

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Written By Nick

Nick is a man obsessed with all things related to film. From the most obscure to the very popular, he’s seen it all and hopes to one day turn his obsession into a career that makes a lot of money so he can buy a monkey, a bulldog, and a full size Batman suit.

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  • Just wondering: Nick, is this open to everyone? I’m on the other side of the globe.

  • By the way, if ever, I’d like the Star Trek: Into Darkness Blu-Ray. Thanks!

  • US only, sorry Armando.

  • Damn. Haha! It’s all good.

  • fernandorafael_c2c

    My Blu-Ray collection is still relatively small, as I’ve been collecting Blus for only about a year. Still, there are some gems in there, like the 70th anniversary edition of Citizen Kane.

    BTW, I entered the contest because if I win, I’d receive the prize in a US address, as I do most of my mail.

  • My Blu-ray collection is pretty small since I’m not going to replace DVDs unless there’s a compelling reason to do so. Still, I’m starting to build a decent amount of them going forward. I do prefer having physical media to digital copies.

  • Rob Belote

    My Blu-ray collection is just a few of my favorite films from the past decade. I tend to not re-purchase things that I already own on DVD.

  • Jason D Nickolay

    A lot of action ans special effects based movies

  • Will G


  • Natasha

    Mine is pretty small actually – maybe 10 or 12.

  • Devin Sabas

    Massive, almost 1200!

  • Well, why do you need another one? lol

  • Devin Sabas

    I have a little bit of a problem, I must admit… But I love em and if/when I win I’ll give the new one a good home!