DVD Court: ‘Despicable Me 2’, ‘Fast and Furious 6’

This week we put two movies on trial. As The Jury, we recommend what should happen to a particular DVD released today. Voting Burn It, Skip It, Rent It, or Buy It, we come together to deliver a verdict and hope to help you decide what to watch or avoid. Check out the fancy new graphs below as well!

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The Jury:
Nick of The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Colin of The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Vivek of The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Fernando of Committed to Celluloid
Alex of Cinemaniac Reviews
Tom of Digital Shortbread
Ruth of Flix Chatter
Rodney of Fernby Films
Dave of Dave Examines Movies
Brian of The Soap Box Office


Reviews and Closing Statements:

Dave (Review): “Despicable Me 2 isn’t as great as the first, but it still has some good messages to tell, and it has a good amount of laughs in store for the little ones as well as hidden jokes meant for those adults in the audience.”
Ruth (Review):  “The story is pretty thin, as the creators rely heavily on these irresistible characters. The plots are predictable and the even mawkish at times, but yet this movie still delivers on a fun family entertainment.”
Rodney: “Delightful follow-up to the original, sees Gru finding romance via preventing a madman from taking over the world. Funny, albeit less skittish than the previous outing, and with a larger focus on the Minions, DM2 is a great family film.”
Nick: “Serviceable sequel that doesn’t add anything new to the animation world, or really, the Despicable Me universe. The focus is obviously on the minons, the mascots of the series, and Gru feels secondary to the rest of the action going on.”

Reviews and Closing Statements:

Nick (Review): “Inexplicably excellent, the sixth installment in a thought to be dead franchise delivers on every level. It’s packed full of action, humor, and the right amount of insanity and you can’t help but have fun with the flick.”
Tom (Review): “For fans especially, Fast & Furious 6 fires on most, if not all cylinders. It is alternately an adrenaline rush and a sentimental story that does a nice job summarizing the places we’ve been thus far. But it is safe to say we are far from the finish line with it all.”
Ruth (Review): “Overall this movie was worth the price of a matinee showing. It’s still a heck of a lot better than Die Hard 5 “
Vivek: “Who’d have thought that the sixth one of these would wind up becoming one of 2013’s most pleasant surprises? And with Paul Walker’s death, I’d consider it more pertinent now than ever to get your hands on this movie and have a blast.”
Rodney: “Peppered with gravity-defying stunts that border on the insane, and a sense of the ridiculous from the entire cast, F&F 6 delivers more of the high-octane thrills and nonsense you’ve come to expect. If you like the others, you’ll enjoy this, especially the way it folds neatly into Tokyo Drift at the end.”

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