Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Shelved

After a leak of the script for Quentin Tarantino’s newest film, The Hateful Eight, Tarantino has decided to shelve the project for an unspecified amount of time. This is sad news as the film excited most everyone on announcement and now, like a snap of the fingers, it’s gone. It is still unknown who leaked the script, but Tarantino who talked to Mike Fleming over at Deadline today, has a fairly good idea.

Here is what Tarantino had to say about the matter:

I’m very, very depressed. I finished a script, a first draft, and I didn’t mean to shoot it until next winter, a year from now. I gave it to six people, and apparently it’s gotten out today…I gave it to one of the producers on Django Unchained, Reggie Hudlin, and he let an agent come to his house and read it. That’s a betrayal, but not crippling because the agent didn’t end up with the script. There is an ugly maliciousness to the rest of it. I gave it to three actors: Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, Tim Roth. The one I know didn’t do this is Tim Roth. One of the others let their agent read it and that agent has now passed it on to everyone in Hollywood.

It’s kind of amazing that this leak happened within six people getting their hands on the script, but it’s also a Tarantino movie. As to what he had to say about it being shelved:

I could totally change my mind, I own the fucking thing. But I can tell you, it’s not going to be the next thing I do. It’s my baby, and if the muse calls me later to do it, we’ll do it. I was thinking about the idea of maybe publishing it before I made it, but now that deal happens for sure, and I’m not doing it next. The idea was, I was going to write two scripts. I wasn’t going to shoot the Western until next winter, and I have been full of piss and vinegar about the other one. So now I’ll do that one.

So there you have it. At least Quentin has something else up his sleeve to make, as having to wait five years for another one of his movies would be grueling. However, this does mean that Tarantino made a stand and now people will know not to temper with his work, or this could just be a publicity stunt. I’m going with the former.

What do you guys think? Are you all saddened by the news? Do you think Quentin did the right thing, or is just being a baby about it? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Written By Colin

Colin is a writer, blogger, and one-time playwright. He’s always trying to stay busy, but sometimes fails due to the necessity of sleep. Film advocate by day, piracy fighting by night. He will give any movie a chance no matter how bad the word-of-mouth is. There is always this fix he needs to watch a movie or television episode a day, because this is what he loves more than anything. Twitter is the best way to find out what Colin is doing, as he tweets all the time.

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  • Shane

    Yeah, good for him. I’m most happy to hear him say he has more than this. Although, this sounds pretty fantastic.

  • Im just glad the man has a few stories left in him to tell

  • GW

    “Saddened?” Nope. Call out the prick who did it and never work with him or her again. If it’s an actor and not the agent, someone needs to get hit with barrel full of explosive nitrate film stock.

    As an artist myself, I can safely say that Quentin isn’t being a “baby” at all. If you work on something and it’s lost, stolen or otherwise misappropriated, it’s a total friggin’ pain because it throws you off your game when it’s a work that’s not quite done and all of a sudden it’s out there and you have no control.

    Eh, he’ll move on, but I wouldn’t want to be the person getting busted over this…

  • Maybe this means we will get a 1920s gangster flick from the man!

  • fernandorafael_c2c

    This sucks but I definitely understand Quentin. Not cool at all having your script leaked. I hope they find out who did it.

  • I was excited for “The Hateful Eight,” but I want to see him bend another genre.

  • I am too Vern.

  • That would blow my mind! I hope he takes a stab at another genre.

  • I hope so too. However leaked it needs to be fired immediately.

  • I completely agree with you. I’m really curious who leaked the script.

  • Tom

    Fully agreed. What a P.O.S.

  • Dan

    A real shame. He might change his mind when finds this type of thing is unavoidable in this day and age.