Pick Six: Awesome Baby Movies

Is there anything more polarizing than a baby? I mean, what the very thought of an infant provokes is daunting, overwhelming to say the least. The responsibility and emotional spectrum that accompanies them knows no bounds. It sweeps over you and completely alters who and what you are. What’s even more bizarre, is that some cherish this metamorphosis brought on by these little-bundles-of-joy. There are those who can’t have enough little-ones in their lives, running amuck, crying, eating, sleeping, and laughing all over the place. And, when you’re caught staring down one of these tiny miracles, who can blame them?

Conversely, there’s a select group who can’t be bothered with the wee-ones. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who turn-and-run when they see a stroller rolling up the sidewalk or instantly become a mute when babies are brought up in conversation. Personally, I’m in the former camp. When I see an infant, my guard immediately drops and I become an entirely different person, speaking incoherent gibberish and making weird faces.

Nonetheless, whether you’re a baby person or not, there’s no denying what they bring on. Babies are frightening and reassuring, a miracle or inconvenient, illuminating or sobering…it all depends on your stance. The six movies below, despite being fiction, cover all this and the harsh reality of child-rearing with an unprecedented level of authenticity. Each may accomplish this feat using varying methods and different genres, but what’s important is that ultimately the responsibility, maturity and nurturing, unconditional love needed shines prominently.


Without question the most unconventional film regarding parenting on this list. Eraserhead tells the story of a bizarre couple who birth a severely deformed child. Depicting the complexities of raising a child and the strain it can place on a relationship, this David Lynch masterpiece is not for the faint of heart.

Knocked Up

The repercussions of a one-night-stand aren’t always as severe as Knocked Up implies. That being said, accidental pregnancy is always a risk when partaking in recreational sex. This story of two significantly different adults baring a child is a cautionary tale of love and loss, with a few laughs along the way to soften the pulling of the viewers heartstrings.

Rosemary’s Baby

I know that this isn’t an ideal situation or one that is particularly plausible, yet the quality and themes of Rosemary’s Baby are undeniable.

Children of Men

A post-apocalyptic dystopian future has befallen humankind after the ability to conceive was lost. Children of Men is a haunting fable that firmly states the true nature of our existence through reproduction, or lack there of.

Raising Arizona

This quirky flick about an odd-couple raising a stolen child never puts hilarity above heart. While not the most disciplined film on this list, Raising Arizona is a great example of the seriousness, as well as good-heartedness needed to be sufficient parents.


A middle-aged teen named Juno becomes pregnant with her best friend’s child after a night of spontaneous, unprotected sex. Juno shines a harsh light on the imbalance of immaturity and child-rearing resulting in a poignant, comical tale.

Written By Joseph Falcone

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  • Shane

    This is great. I’m with you man! Great choices for baby films.

  • These are good choices. I dislike most baby movies but you picked awesome ones. I guess I don’t dislike all of them after all! 🙂

  • rich

    eraserhead grossed me out, but that means it was effective. juno was fabulous fun. knocked up – meh. raising arizona would be tops for me on the baby list. nice job. thanks for something different.