Hungry? Grab an Entry in our Snickers Ultimate Movie Pack Giveaway

The Oscars are on Sunday and while Leonardo DiCaprio will be anxiously awaiting his (possible) first statue, you can enter to win a prize package from Snickers! Check out the new Snickers commercial that will debut on Sunday during the Oscars and check below on how to win one hell of a prize.

To tie in with Legendary’s Godzilla and Snickers, we are giving away a $15 gift card to Fandango and five (yes, FIVE!) Snickers bars to one lucky winner. So not only can you stuff your face with gooey chocolate, but you can work your way up to Godzilla’s size and wreck havoc on your favorite (or I guess, least favorite) cities.

To enter, all you need to do is comment below with an explanation of what kind of monster you turn into when you get outrageously hungry. Be as creative as possible, as we will be awarding one lucky winner who we deem most deserving and most imaginative.

The contest ends on March 5th and is open to US residents only. This post is sponsored by Snickers brand. 

Be sure to check out the trailer for Godzilla below before it storms into theaters on May 16th.

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  • Jojams

    When I don’t have chocolate or food, I start SNICKERing like a crazy person. I turn into someone that looks like an alien from MARS (chocolate). I can’t focus on anything, so people call me Butterfingers when I can’t even simply carry something.

    haha, I hope I win! Thank you!

  • bn100

    I turn into a cookie monster and want to gobble up all the freshly baked cookies at the stores and bakeries

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  • sohamolina

    I turn into an angry lion.

  • Natalie yeoman

    i turn into a vicious cheetah when im hungry