“Veronica Mars” DVD Giveaway

Last year, Rob Thomas and crew changed the way movies get made by successfully funding a movie “sequel” to the hit TV show, Veronica Mars. Since, fans of the show have eagerly anticipated any news oozing out of Hollywood about the little town of Neptune and its residents. Now, the wait is (almost) over as the film sneaks its way into theaters and video on demand on March 14. To tie in with this one of a kind release, we’re giving away a DVD copy of the movie and a limited edition hat. Yes, because hats are in and why not celebrate a story of a private investigator by giving away a hat (I would have preferred a large bag of marshmallows?…I have no idea I do not watch the show).

To enter the contest, check below on the details!

To enter, just follow any of the steps below. As an added entry, comment below and tell us why you deserve the prize. As always, the more creative answers will be given the most attention. 
Contest ends March 28, 2014. It is open to US residents only.

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  • Admin

    Me and Kristen Bell go way back. Outside of being a fan of the show, I also have seen her in a lot of movies. I am talking about the bad ones no one cares about. I watched You Again, Serious Moonlight, and Big Miracle. I watched Burlesque, and was mad that she didn’t get to sing. Shit, I even watched half a season of Gossip Girl, and she was only the narrator.

    We have a lot of common too. Liking the same hockey team and we both appreciate Dax Shepard. You know how many people actually appreciate Dax Shepard? Like us two, half the cast of Parenthood, and maybe ten other people. That is an intense group of people to be in.

    The only thing we don’t have in common is she probably backed that dang Kickstarter, while I was too busy going “Wow! It reached its goal so fast!” and then not realizing I could still pile on to get my own version of the movie.

    Why do I deserve this dvd? Because I am a dumb ass, a fan, and there’s only four episodes left of House of Lies this season to keep me busy.

  • Nancy Loring

    I deserve the prize because according to my daughters I’m to old to be watching Veronica Mars. It’s all their fault. They started watching reuns and trying to be the loving involved mom that I am I would watch with them. After awile I was the only one watching my girls had other things to do. I was hooked. My girls started to make fun of me when they would find me watching the show. It was okay to watch with them but not without them. Then the series ended. No more Veronica Mars. And now a movie is out and my girls wont go with me to the movies to see it, apparently it’s not cool to go to the movies with your mom to see veronica mars. They have promised to watch it at home with me when it comes out on dvd. I can’t wait.