Pick 6: Music Videos Based on Movies.

Music videos are really nothing more then short stories set to music. In fact, the best ones are those that tell a story. Would Thriller have been as memorable if it didn’t have that cool horror story to go with it. Most likely not, so it’s with that mention that I bring to you the six best music videos that are inspired by the movies. Many videos employ references here and there to certain films, but they don’t follow the actual plot. These six videos do. So without any further delay, here is the list.


6. Paula AbdulRush Rush from Rebel Without a Cause.

The acting is very bad and Keanu Reeves is just no James Dean, but it deserves inclusion on this list because it does recreate certain images from that movie quite well. The most notable one is a shot when the car race begins and Paula Abdul(playing Natalie Wood) runs after the cars after she lowers the flags.


5. Thirty Seconds to MarsThe Kill(Bury Me) from The Shining.

A few days in a creepy hotel with Thirty Seconds to Mars set the stage for a video that is eerily like Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The actual hotel is nothing like The Overlook, but the way the band members recreate some of the action from that movie is. It’s even got Jared Leto throwing a baseball at the wall like Jack Nicholson did.


4. JP, Chrissie, and The Fairground Boys –  If You Let Me from Let the Right One in.

If you have never seen the movie Let the Right One In or its remake, this video does a really good job at recreating the story, except that in this version the two are a lot older then the original. I found the ending sweet and romantic, but you may find something wrong with me for admitting that.


3. Iggy Azaela feat Charli XCX Fancy from Clueless.

I would have easily forgotten about this song if it wasn’t for this video. It’s a very clever homage to the 1995 comedy classic Clueless. Right down to Iggy wearing the same outfit that Alicia Silverstone and many of the locations looking like it came right from the movie. It even recreates many scenes from the movie and a lot of great detail went into designing those sets.


2. Smashing Pumpkins Tonight Tonight from A Trip to the Moon.

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris(Ruby Sparks), this re-presentation of Georges Meilies’ silent feature A Trip to The Moon is remarkable. It uses a lot of the same film making techniques that the original had. That includes the quick jump cuts to disguise the limits of what special effects could use back then. It won over 6 awards at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards including Best Video.


1. Faith No MoreLast Cup of Sorrow from Vertigo.

This video is a terrific parody of the Hitchcock Masterpiece Vertigo. From lead singer Mike Patton as the character that Jimmy Stewart played to having Jennifer Jason Leigh as the object of his affection, originally played by Kim Novak, this video does everything right. The opening rooftop chase is straight from the movie and so is the famous zoom in effect to show the main character’s fear of heights. There is even a guy shown sweeping the dude’s hair from the famous trip-out scene. Of all the videos on this list, this one follows the story pretty much as it was in the original with a few things added for comedic effect.   It’s certainly way better then that Psycho remake.

What do you think of this list?  Did I leave anyone out.  Was there one I shouldn’t have included.  Leave me your comments below.

Written By The Vern

Yes Hello people. It is I The Vern. Lover of movies, women, and whiskey, but not in that particular order. Besides writing for this site. I help co host The As You Watch podcast and help contribute to the world of films wherever I can.

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  • Shane


    I was going to jokingly mention Rush (while secretly wanting you to include it). Haha

    Great list. Although, the If You Let Me song was a tad unbearable. Great work here man.

  • The Vern

    Thanks Shane. I put that If You Let Me song mainly because of it’s connection, but It did a good job with it though, and it could have been a lot worse

  • Courtney Small

    Solid choices, Vern. Especially love seeing Paula Abdul and The Smashing Pumpkins on there. My list would include:

    R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts (8 1/2)
    Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eye Can See (Coming to America)
    De La Soul – Oooh! (Wizard of Oz)
    Foo Fighters – Walk (Falling Down)

  • That’s a good list but I think this is one of the best videos based on a film. Blur’s “To The End” as it is a homage to Alain Resnais’ Last Year at Marienbad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DjHKqb365A

  • fernandorafael_c2c

    Cool post! Love that you included #5!

  • The Vern

    Thanks Fernando. There are others including Garbage’s “Tell me Where it Hurts” which is homage to “Belle Du Jour” that I just now thought of that I could add.