Joss Whedon confirms female Thor’s casting through Twitter

Earlier this morning, Marvel announced on The View (because it’s what every female watches) that Thor would be changing genders in the comics (because women who watch The View read comics). This took a lot of fans by surprise, and made us wonder how else could Marvel top their own news stories? Well, by having Joss Whedon announce the new Thor’s casting through his Twitter account of course! Without a press conference, any say from Kevin Feige, or an “okay” from any executive at the studio, Whedon felt it was only necessary to tweet a picture of Katee Sackhoff, all but confirming the actors involvement in future Marvel projects. I’m just surprised it wasn’t Joy Behar.

Here’s Joss Whedon’s official tweet:

This is so exciting for Marvel fans! Katee Sackhoff would be perfect for a female Thor and considering this has been confirmed by Whedon himself (who is more powerful than Odin in the Marvel universe). I hear she has signed on for seven spin-off films, also confirming that Marvel will continue onward until it reaches, at least, Phase 33. Remember when Simon Pegg took a picture next to Ant-Man confirming his casting as well?  This news is so much better! Sackhoff has been dying to branch out to the mainstream after starring on SyFy’s Battleship Galaga.

Having a female Thor can only point in the direction that the next films featuring the Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth will have a love-quadrangle between him, Lady Sif, Jane Foster, and this future female Goldilocks. That seems like a logical plot development considering Thor: The Dark World took so much of its time establishing jealousy between the female characters. And let’s not forget that Loki is a male, only resulting in a love-quintrangle and possible sex/rape scene, pushing Marvel a little bit forward toward a more adult audience. I mean, hell. If Disney can rape Maleficent, Marvel can rape Thor!

As for now, this is all of the information we have, but we will be sure to get more out there as soon as possible.

Written By Colin

Colin is a writer, blogger, and one-time playwright. He’s always trying to stay busy, but sometimes fails due to the necessity of sleep. Film advocate by day, piracy fighting by night. He will give any movie a chance no matter how bad the word-of-mouth is. There is always this fix he needs to watch a movie or television episode a day, because this is what he loves more than anything. Twitter is the best way to find out what Colin is doing, as he tweets all the time.

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  • Rodney

    Frankly, I’m at a loss to understand this. Does this mean Chris Hemsworth is going to undergo some kind of morph to turn into Sakhoff? Or is she going to “pick up the mantle” of Thor and rock on under that name?
    Frankly, the more women superheroes we get, the better, so I’m not angry or annoyed at this, just confused as to how they’re gonna transition the name?
    Superman – Supergirl
    Batman – Batgirl
    Thor – …. Thorgirl?

  • Nate

    From what little I read she takes over for Thor, who can longer wield Mjolnir. She is actually going to be the only Thor in the Marvel Universe, in the comics anyway, once she is introduced.

  • Artisan219

    Alright, so this thread is well out of date, but I’m still curious. With the identity of the female Thor now confirmed as SPOILER! Jane Foster, does that change anything for Natalie Portman’s role?