The CK Movie Challenge: A Blogathon

Regardless of your dedication to the wondrous world of film, we have all shared in the frustration of sitting down in front of the TV with absolutely no idea about what we should watch. We argue with loved ones and friends about what we should watch and browse Netflix for hours on end, only adding titles to our queues to be almost instantly forgotten. We stare at our DVD collections, flipping through the pages of our binders or staring at a dusty shelf, never able to actually make any decision whatsoever. It’s a curse really, having all of the options in the world but a complete lack of any ability to make a choice for ourselves. It’s a human thing, indeed, but why should we be stuck in an eternal loop of never watching a damn thing when there are so many great films out there in our world? There is no reason to give in to a bad habit.

Unfortunately, it takes more than just some friendly encouragement to get out of our funks. Hell, I will be the first to say how much my creative side has dropped off since starting a new job. But I believe I came up with a solution- not only for me, but for all of you movie lovers struggling to find your cinematic muses. The CK Movie Challenge is a brand new event created to inspire you to write about the movies you love, the films you missed, and those you have never even heard about. It’s also a challenge designed to inspire new discussions about film through other mediums besides the usual text based opinion pieces.

The challenge is simple. Below you will find 13 individual “prompts” to be completed on your own time, in any fashion, speed, or frequency you prefer. While we encourage all of you who participate to complete each prompt (seeing as it is a challenge), any kind of inspiration you find from the challenge is welcomed to be shared. There are no rules to the challenge, nor is there a true deadline. The only thing we ask is that you share any entries with us below (or via email), so that we can build a continually growing database to showcase our global love for film.

Review That Movie You’ve Been Meaning To Watch But Never Got Around To

We all have that one movie we probably should have seen by now, but for some reason or another we were just never able to find the time or motivation to do so. Hell, that same film could be something you are too ashamed to admit not seeing. I know I have plenty of them.

Ask An Older Relative To Recommend A Movie To You from “Their” Time

There is a ton of hidden gems from the past that many of us have never seen or even heard about. Ask an older relative or friend for a recommendation. Make sure it’s a film from “their” time and nothing too current. Unless of course, a newborn suggests an indie-art house flick.

Revisit A Movie You Loved As A Kid

Does it still hold up as well as you remember? Are you able to take off your nostalgia goggles and review the film without any bias? It’s either going to be a lot harder than you think or the film will be far from what you remember it being.

Write A Review In The Form Of A Poem

Write a limerick, a haiku, or even a free form jumble of words. Be creative. You can check out a few of The CK’s Reel Poetry posts here.

Put Together A Post Of Pictures Inspired By A Film

We’re taking it back to grade school. Put together a good old-fashioned collage inspired by a particular film. Use Paint, Photoshop, or even actual construction paper and glue and take a picture of it. Again, be creative.


Richard of Kikham A Movie A Day made a collage for The Quick and the Dead.

Review A Movie From Your Birth Year

This one is pretty straight forward.

Create A Playlist Of Songs Inspired By A Film

Personally, music means as much to us as movies and we have always seen them go hand in hand. Pick a movie and make a playlist inspired by the film. It could be a few songs or twenty. It’s all up to you.

Create Or Find A Recipe Inspired By A Film- Plan The Entire Meal

Just as music and film are important to a lot of us, so is food. With the advent of blogs, everyone has become a craftsman, critic, journalist, and cook, and there are countless websites out there full of recipes inspired by film. Find one and make the dish and share your process with us. Or if you’re really adventurous, create your own dish and share it with the world. We’ll eat almost anything.

Review The Movie You Hate The Most

Remember that movie you saw a few years ago that you absolutely despise? Revisit it and write about it. No filters. No censors.


Tony Cogan of Coogs Film Blog discusses Pain & Gain.

List 11 Things You Love About Your Favorite Movie

We all have a favorite movie. Break down 11 reasons why you love that film so we can share in your love.

Pick Six: Guilty Pleasures

Modeled after our own Pick Six feature, make a list of six of your guilty pleasure films you find yourselves watching whenever you catch it on TV. The campier the better. We all have them.


Rich wrote a post about his guilty pleasures, which includes Wild Things and Bad Santa

Discuss An Actor Many People Never Recognize

Hollywood is full of character actors- people we recognize but whose names we hardly remember. Pick one of your favorite underrated actors or actresses and tell us why you think they need more attention and why we really should know their name.

Learn About A Particular Film-Making Technique, Write About It, And “Teach” It To Us

We all watch movies, but not a lot of us know about the behind-the-scenes process and what goes into making them. Go out on the world wide web and learn about any film-making technique and write a quick post about it to teach the rest of us. Then we can stop pretending that we know it all.

Written By Nick

Nick is a man obsessed with all things related to film. From the most obscure to the very popular, he’s seen it all and hopes to one day turn his obsession into a career that makes a lot of money so he can buy a monkey, a bulldog, and a full size Batman suit.

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