The Trailer Park: “Big Eyes” (2014)

Anyone wanting the real Tim Burton to please stand up might be in for a real treat. Today we have the first trailer for Tim Burton’s latest film, Big Eyes. The film revolves around the real-life tale of Walter and Margaret Keane played by Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams respectively. The Keane’s became famous in the 50’s and 60’s because of Margaret’s wonderful, and slightly creepy, Big Eyes art which her husband took credit for. This easily looks like the most straight-forward film that Tim Burton has ever made. Take a look, please.

This has been on my radar ever since I heard about it. I’m really intrigued by Big Eyes just off the cast alone. It’s nice to see Tim Burton venture out without his usual players. How has Jason Schwartzman not been in a Tim Burton film? Seems like a perfect fit. That being said, the trailer looks like there might be an excellent pay off for those of us who have been sticking with Tim Burton even when we don’t enjoy all of his choices as a filmmaker. As “straight-forward” as Big Eyes looks, you can tell it’s a Tim Burton film. There are hints of fantastical elements, a little bit of quirk, but nothing over-the-top. The only film he’s done close to this might be Ed Wood, and parts of Big Fish, two of his best films.

I’m excited to see Tim Burton get out of his comfort zone, and show that he’s a good director. The highs and lows of Tim Burton’s catalog are unlike any director I can think of, especially one with such an obvious touch of style injected into his films. Big Fish is one of my favorite films ever, but I could barely make it through Dark Shadows. It seems as though he makes the films he wants to make, and we don’t always have to agree with him. Big Eyes feels like something more and you just have to wonder if Tim Burton finally has a chip on his shoulder.

Big Eyes hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Written By Shane

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  • fernandorafael_c2c

    Amazing trailer (especially the ending!). Looks like a return to form for Burton and a tour de force from Adams.