Profiles in Horror: Pinhead – The “Hellraiser” Series

Throughout the month of October, we will be profiling a character from our favorite horror movies.  As we countdown to Halloween, we will cover all sorts of baddies, from the iconic slashers to the less known evils that still haunt our sleepless night. Please feel free to chime in and let us know what your favorite memories or moments are in relation to these abominations as we inch one step closer to the Witching Hour on October 31

Pinhead- Hellraiser

First Appearance: Hellraiser (1987)
Total Number of Appearances: 9
Portrayed by: Doug Bradley
Weapon of Choice: Summoning chains and hooks to mutilate victims by pulling them apart
Special Abilities: Supernatural, unstoppable in physical form, mind control, mind reading

The Hellraiser series is lead by the most evil cenobite. You know him, but his name is not Hellraiser. Meet Pinhead. He looks like a royal ugly dude with a bunch of pins stuck in his face. Created by Clive Barker, based on Count Dracula, Pinhead is the intelligent counterpart to the wisecracking baddies of the 80’s and 90’s. He’s not exactly the silent type like Mike Myers. Instead, he feeds off of the desire of those that disturb the Demonic Lament Configuration (kinda like Pandora’s Box). Then, he sweeps in to torture and collects their souls.

Thoughts: I’ll give Pinhead his iconic status. He looks scary as hell, like he’s the return of a dead S&M victim. Except he’s an alien? Demon? No wait. He used to be a human? The problem for me has always been the Hellraiser vehicle that brought him here. The movies just aren’t solid enough to prop up their great lead Cenobite. The first Hellraiser is okay, but it pretty much goes way downhill. The continuity of the later films gets ridiculous. Pinhead starts out as an intelligent villain with reason, but turns into a human killing machine. They even go to space in one of the films. Hellraiser films don’t even have the fun that comes along with most horror franchise once they are stretched into space. That being said, I’d watch Pinhead in a mashup with any other horror icons. I’m open to a new film, if done more in the tone of the original Hellraiser.

Iconic Status: 9.8
Creativity: 8.5
Scare Factor: 6
Kill Factor: 6
Horror Score: 7.76

What are your thoughts on Pinhead and the Hellraiser franchise? What Horror Score would you give him? Let us know below.

Written By Shane

Shane is a very talented writer that has been scribbling in notepads for most of his life. He loves all things movie related. His favorite film genres are Bill Murray, Super Heroes, and comedy. He loves talking movies, so leave him comments, please.

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