Pick Six: Sverrir’s Favorite Horror Films

Happy Halloween! As everyone here at CineKatz is throwing out their favorite horror films, I clearly need to get in on the action. After all, it’s Shocktober, the season of horror movies.

So, in no particular order, my favorite horror films!

The Thing

The practical effects still look gross and the characters are a huge part of why this film stands the test of time. Excellent synth score as well.

The Babadook

Uniquely terrifying. Subtle and restrained, this is probably the most tense, skin crawling and terrifying cinematic experience I’ve ever had.

The Shining

Dread, dread and more dread. Kubrick builds and builds, leading to a unique sense of unease in the viewing experience which holds up over repeated viewings.


Pretty much the gold standard for a slow burn build up, as we’re introduced to not only the space truckers themselves but the supremely interesting and compelling world they inhabit. Before they’re brutally murdered by a terrifying force of nature in the form of the Xenomorph.

Cabin in the Woods

Another clever horror movie. I’m a big fan of people playing around with genres, subverting them and playing around with its tropes. Cabin in the Woods is probably the zenith of this for horror, as it deconstructs the genre whilst also being a terrific entry in it.

You’re Next

If Cabin in the Woods takes the horror genre at large, the You’re Next takes a similar route with slasher films, twisting the final girl trope expertly for a film that feels fresh and is satisfyingly gruesome.

Written By Sverrir Sigfusson

Tall, dark and handsome. Student of film theory at the University of Iceland. Purveyor of news and reviews. Consumer of fine music, quality films and fantastic video games. Opinionated and brutally honest yet totally nice and a huge fan of colorful pants.

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  • TheVern

    YES YES YES. I love love love that you have You’re Next on this list. I keep tryig to get friends of mine to watch this but they never want to. Ughhhh it’s frusrating

  • Sverrir Sigfússon

    It’s a fantastic movie, excellent piece of genre filmmaking