Pick Six: Actors for the All-New Spider-Man

By now you probably know that Sony and Marvel Studios have reached a mutually beneficial agreement which allows Marvel to include Spider-Man in their Cinematic Universe (if not, then wow, how do you maneuver the internet?). This turn of events means that all current continuity is out the window (again), we start afresh in July 2017. So that raises the question: Who should play Spider-Man in this new incarnation?

Here are six choices, that mostly fit into the mold of  young and relatively short, both to sell the athletic angle and to create an effective visual and thematic contrast with the established giants that are Cap, Thor, etc.

Donté Grey

Hey, I never said Peter Parker. This guy has the perfect look for Miles Morales, the Ultimate universe’s Spider-Man and one of Marvel’s biggest recent breakout characters. Grey has a minor role on Orange is the New Black, so he seems to have some solid acting chops to back up his basic embodiment of Miles.

Tyler James Williams

His name has already been thrown around as choice for Miles, and well.. I agree. Williams, of Everybody Hates Chris and Dear White People fame, has both the experience and the ability to do the role justice. Also, he’s somehow still only 22, even after having been around for what seems like forever.

Donald Glover

Look.. he’s too old and probably doesn’t want to be tied down in a franchise… but #DonaldGloverforSpiderman .. no matter if it’s Peter or Miles. The right blend of clever, funny, nerdy and shy.

Logan Lerman

Lerman has recently proven himself to be a very good actor, something that Percy Jackson didn’t really showcase. Trust me, check out Perks of Being A Wallflower, he’s great in it and channels some of the right energy that’d make him a good fit for Peter Parker. Also, he’s apparently already in contention for the role, just like he was last time around.

Dylan O’Brien

I won’t lie, I haven’t seen The Maze Runner yet but when I had to think off slim, young, white dudes, O’Brien was the first person to pop into my head. Sure, not a lot of choice popped into my head, but I’m confident he could do well. His biggest weakness? He’s almost too good looking for the role, he’d need a whole lot of charisma to overcome his good looks. Hey, it’s happened before….

Someone We Don’t Know Yet

Look, sometimes, hell, most of the time, the best choice is a surprise. For my money, we already had the perfect Spider-Man and Peter Parker: Andrew Garfield. He wasn’t a “spider-bro” or a douche, like some people want write history, he was damn perfect and a relatively unknown choice at the time. We can’t have him again, but maybe we can get his spiritual successor.

So… who do you want?

Written By Sverrir Sigfusson

Tall, dark and handsome. Student of film theory at the University of Iceland. Purveyor of news and reviews. Consumer of fine music, quality films and fantastic video games. Opinionated and brutally honest yet totally nice and a huge fan of colorful pants.

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  • I am so bummed because I LOVE Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. But oh no, please don’t go with Donald Glover. My money’s on Logan Lerman.

  • Brittani

    I don’t want a younger Spiderman at all. I want him to be an adult and already established in his powers. I just don’t think we need yet another Spiderman origin.

  • The Vern

    I loved Garfield’s chemistry with Stone in the first one and that is it. Those Amazing Spiderman movies were among the worst comic book adaptations ever. I never once felt that Garfield’s Parker ever felt like an outcast or that he ever doubted having his powers. Amazing SpiderMan 2 took an iconic story and just shit all over it. I’m glad if they are going to pick a new actor. Just don’t do another full origin story.