Pick Six: Music Videos of 2014

Taking a break from the film world, we here at The Cinematic Katzenjammer are turning our attention towards the music business. The music video seems to be a dying art form, but in the world of viral videos and social sharing, an effective music video can be the “bump” a particular singer or band needs to make it big. Below we discuss six of the better music videos of 2014 and the songs behind them.

“Chandelier”- Sia

Perhaps one of the most talked about music videos of 2014, Sia’s “Chandelier” features Maddie Ziegler, the elusive singer’s new “surrogate” in the public eye, having also starred in Sia’s latest video, “Elastic Heart”. The video showcases the twelve-year old dancing through an abandoned house, flowing from room to room through beautiful cinematography. The song itself is just as captivating and Sia (who prefers to stay behind the spotlight) proves her raw talent and emotional vocals are just as worthy of being on the stage anywhere in the world.

“Just One of the Guys”- Jenny Lewis

Star power can make any music video more fascinating and it’s even more so in the case of Jenny Lewis’ “Just One of the Guys”. Featuring Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, and a surprisingly emotive Kristen Stewart, the video is a wonderful accompaniment to a catchy tune. Simple, funny, and confusingly sexy, the video is one of the best of 2014.

“Mess is Mine”- Vance Joy

A man in a polar bear suit comes to the city and drives a cab. That alone should be a selling point for any video online, but hand in hand with Vance Joy’s vocals and “Mess is Mine” becomes even more memorable. The video is a wonderful blend of the odd, the disturbing, and a carefree whimsy that comes together in one of the more original videos of the past year. Vance Joy continues a great run with music videos, following his video 2013 music for “Riptide”, which was a creative homage to the 70s and Wes Anderson.

“Turn Down for What”- DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Even if you’re not a fan of rap or hip hop, it’s hard to argue the twisted brilliance of DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s video for “Turn Down for What”. In the video, a group of apartment tenants catch the dancing pox and shake their junk, chest, and ass as fast and as furiously as their bodies allow- and it’s glorious.

“Down On My Luck”- Vic Mensa

If Groundhog Day took place in a night club, you would get something similar to the video for “Down On My Lucky”. In the video, the Chicago-born Vic Mensa relives a series of events, learning from each mistake each time around. Not only is the video a fun watch, but the song is an 80s throwback mixed with the dance sounds of late nights and alcohol fueled dancing. It’s no wonder Vic Mensa earned his way on to Kanye West’s latest song, “Wolves“.

“We Exist”- Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is no stranger to memorable music videos and they return to the fray with “We Exist”- a song for those struggling with who they are and what they feel they need to do/be. Once our hero/heroine gets dressed, we can hardly recognize star Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man!), nor believe his rather incredible dance moves.

Honorable Mentions

Blank Space“- Taylor Swift
Hideaway“- Kiesza
Uptown Funk“- Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
Picture Me Gone“- Ariel Pink

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Written By Nick

Nick is a man obsessed with all things related to film. From the most obscure to the very popular, he’s seen it all and hopes to one day turn his obsession into a career that makes a lot of money so he can buy a monkey, a bulldog, and a full size Batman suit.

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