Understanding the Minions Craze

Every few years, a phenomenon comes along that captures the world’s attention through a seemingly benign range of cinematic characters. In the late 1970s Star Wars came from nowhere to transform the way in which we appreciate science fiction, and in the mid-1990s Toy Story revolutionised the animation industry and brought a string of popular characters into the household.

However, 2015 saw one of the most impressive cinema offerings in recent years with Minions providing much-needed dose of fun and chaos to children and adults alike. The film has already made over $1 billion at the box office, and is now one of the top ten most successful movies of all time. Despite the omnipresence of the small yellow creatures, many will be questioning where the Minions emerged from, so here’s a quick rundown of their development.

The Minions first came to light in the Despicable Me films, and the single-celled organisms quickly became popular due to their comedic appeal and general incompetence in serving their villainous masters. What’s interesting about the Minions is that they are the creation of the French visionary Pierre Coffin who not only directed the films, but also voices all of the many Minions.

The imminent success of the project quickly brought many of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Sandra Bullock and Michael Keaton onboard to help voice the many comedic characters that form the Minions universe. And with the latest in 3D animated computer graphics, the film was well on its way to becoming the biggest non-Disney animated movie of all time.

Key to the Minions’ success was the speed in which many other companies were quick to seek the marketing potential of the film. In particular, McDonalds released a range of Minions-themed Happy Meals to accompany the film’s launch, and the influential colour taste-maker Pantone even introduced a Minion Yellow Pantone colour – the first instance of a character-branded colour.

Given the multimedia nature of many Hollywood franchises, it was only natural that other media forms should be included in the Minions phenomenon. The online casino site Euro Palace have been quick to herald the demand for a Minions slot game alongside their other popular movie-themed slot games such as Bridesmaids and The Dark Knight.

The way in which Euro Palace have provided a range of movie-themed slot games offers the perfect exposure opportunity for movie franchises to allow their brand to reach evermore receptive audiences who are increasingly seeking familiar aesthetic themes to accompany the new and convenient gaming experience. Similarly, the Minions have also seen their latest entry into the mobile gaming world with the Minions Paradise game gaining a huge amount of attention outside the traditional video game domain.

And when retailers have even created a Minion dog costume, it’s a clear indication that the Minion phenomenon has just about reached saturation level. But given that Minions is one of the most successful films of all time, it’s surely only a matter of time before we see a return of these chaotic creatures.

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