How Popular Was The 2016 Movie Jason Bourne?

Jason Bourne was a 2016 summer exception, a series revamp and live-action big budget film that really was out of the league of most other films released in the same season (aside from Captain America: Civil War). After the 4th film in the franchise, Bourne Legacy really didn’t hit it off too well with the critics; Jason Bourne was looking to be a breath of fresh air to help revive the Bourne franchise. Here, we take a look at how popular the Jason Bourne movie really was:


One of the biggest critiques of the film was that, despite being many years apart, Jason Bourne was the same film that we saw in 2004, and again in 2007. While Bourne Identity probably wasn’t the best film out of the series, one thing it did have was that it was a little bit different from its successors. With Jason Bourne however, the same old story happened again and again – Bourne runs from a deceitful government, is chased by an assassin, is involved in a car chase, takes a few hits, has a girl by his side etc. Repetition is something that people end up getting bored of very quickly, and people prefer to take customization and uniqueness as strength in the movie industry. You can compare this concept with the real life situation in the US where people in America seem to have grown despondent with Obama’s policies as they were growing to be too similar to those of presidents past. Trump became Obama’s successor because he offered people a unique stance on policies and it was this strength that probably won Donald Trump the US election, and is why we are currently being faced with controversial executive orders and seeing his version of the White House play out. Thus, the repetition and lack of unique filming and storyline was what has affected the popularity of this film.


One of the biggest strengths of the original Bourne trilogy was that all three films had a coherent narrative – Bourne discovers who he is, he comes to terms with who he is and then discovers how he came to be. The fourth one was something completely different, due to Jason Bourne not actually being a character in the film. However, Jason Bourne unfortunately doesn’t add anything new to the original trilogy, due to the film simply expanding on the ‘how he came to be’ sub story. While the film adapts to the modern world of technology and social media, rather than focussing on the problem of terrorism, there really isn’t much that’s very different about the film at all.

Why Did Damon Come Back?

In 2007, Matt Damon said in a press conference that he believed his iteration of Jason Bourne was over, because he had simply reached the end of his character’s journey. While the acting is excellent, it really does seem as though his heart isn’t as in it as it should be. The only true acting that you can see in the film, where an actor can do a lot with very little, is in Riz Ahmed’s portrayal of Aaron Kalloor – simply because other actors and actresses such as Alicia Vikander and Vincent Cassel didn’t get the screen time that they truly deserved. The problem with Jason Bourne is that, despite a $110 million global debut weekend on a $120m budget, it didn’t quite meet up to the expectations that people would have wanted from this film.

In short, Jason Bourne is a great action/thriller film if you were to watch it without knowing the backstory of the character. It links through to the previous films with various flashbacks so you wouldn’t have to feel as though you had missed out on anything, and there’s plenty of shooting and important phone calls full of intensity to enjoy. But as part of the Bourne franchise? It was a film that really didn’t need to be created.

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