Halloween is coming! It’s the time of year when kids (and adults) start planning their creative costume ideas months in advance. For some trick-or-treaters, scary costumes are the way to go. If you’re among these Halloween risk-takers, you may be looking for the perfect witch makeup looks (or the latest Walking Dead zombie makeup tutorials). With so many fantastic costume ideas to choose from, we’ll just focus on a few of our top selections below, starting with a few must-have witch makeup looks.

3 Witch Makeup Looks for Halloween

If you don’t have costumes picked out yet for Halloween, don’t feel disappointed. It’s easier than you think to create the perfect witch makeup looks! Here are a few simple ideas on spooky, sexy, and cute witch makeup looks. Then you can try the following Halloween witch makeup looks for yourself!

Cute Disney Witch Makeup Looks

Maleficent or the scary witch-turned-queen from Snow White are fun witch makeup looks for the whole family this Halloween! Just head to your nearest Halloween shop (like Party City, Walmart, Spirit Halloween, or Halloween Express) for a quick costume change. They’ll have everything you need – from the horns to the green face makeup and wig, depending on your ideal costume. Disney witch makeup looks work for kids and adults alike! They’re also family-friendly, so you can keep things PG and go our trick-or-treating as a group. (Also consider a fun family group costume theme by having someone dress up as Snow White and a few of the seven dwarves to complete your witch makeup looks!)

Sexy Witch Makeup Looks

We can’t think of a more compelling witch costume for Halloween than a simple short dress, black witch hat, and broom from a brand like Leg Avenue. Specializing in adult Halloween costumes only, this type of look works well if you’re heading to a bar or nightclub on Halloween. 

For natural mineral makeup in a wide variety of colors, check out Zoya (we love their nail lacquer shades) and Jane Iredale (with gorgeous lipstick shades) to get more creative and spookiest ideas for your witch makeup look.

The Scariest Witch Makeup Looks

To become a classic, scary witch for Halloween, it’s all about the details. You can keep costume costs down by using what you have around the house – for example, an old broomstick and a long black dress or robe – but you’ll also need some Halloween makeup made for witch makeup looks and of course that iconic tall black witch’s hat. If you’re at a Halloween or party store, also consider getting a cheap prosthetic rubber mole or large witch’s nose to really make your look scary.

With the Halloween makeup, put some dark ugly shade under your eyes, and paint your face green. Add the mole, wart, or big nose prosthetic with some Halloween spirit glue, and use dark eyeshadow and lip color. Or, you can make your face powdery with a white base. You’ll look like the scariest witch in no time!

Other Halloween Costume Ideas

Spooky Zombie

A DIY zombie costume is about the easiest you can put together at home. Just get and old, worn-out t-shirt. Make your hair look disheveled and gross. You can put on dark black eyeliner, just make sure you put it on in a messy way spreading it all around your eyes. Put on a blood-red lip gloss so that it looks like real blood coming out; spread this around your chin. Color the sides of your teeth red and black, so that it looks that you have just eaten a raw flesh. You’re ready now! Walk like an undead zombie and scare the heck out of some trick-or-treaters.

Ugly Scarecrow

Wear a loose baggy beige shirt to look like a scarecrow. You can even wear colored lenses to give intensity to your character. Wear an ugly looking scarf around your neck to look as shabby as you can. Apply a white base on your face. Make your teeth look yellow by painting them with Halloween makeup. Use an eye pencil to show the stitches on your lips to your cheekbones. Walk slowly with a crooked limp.

Horror Nun

All you need is black and white face paint and a nun outfit. Wear a black gown and leave your hair open, looking shabby. Paint your entire face white and put black paint around your mouth and chin. Color some of your teeth black and yellow as well. Walk like a dead, terrifying nun.

Have you ever tried Halloween witch makeup looks or a different creepy costume? Let us know what you’re planning to be this Halloween in the comments section!