It’s the award season my friend! If you have been fantasizing about how to host the most remarkable awards show party for your friends and loved ones, now is the time to do so. We have seen the biggest of the biggest awards show parties and we can tell you for a fact that remarkable awards show party is not a far-fetched dream. With strategic planning and a few personalized tumblers, you can make your awards show the party a remarkable event for your guests.

When it comes to creating a scenic atmosphere where your guests can come and celebrate the awards show with you, there’s virtually nowhere you can’t use. You can use your living room, media room, or bedroom and give your guests a stylish fun-filled experience that they’ll never forget. While you may need an extensive budget to pull this off, even the smallest additions can make a lasting impression. So if you want to make your show party a night to remember, consider the following entertainment-filled ideas for a memorable evening.

1. Send Theme-specific invites

Sometimes, you can tell whether or not a party will be interesting just by looking at the contents of its invite. By sending theme-specific invites to your guests, you can excite them to honor your invitation. People get turned off when they can’t put a finger on what the show party is about. To avoid this type of scenario, send custom invites to your guest weeks before the proposed date of the show.

2. Tell your guests to look the part

The best way to bring life to your party is to get your guests involved in the preparation of the show. It won’t bode well to have personalized tumblers at the venue of your awards show party, whilst your guests are dressed in their old sweaters and tees. To make things even more interesting, tell everyone you’ve invited that there’ll be a red carpet at the event. That way, people will show up to your event with sparkling gowns and brushed tuxedos. You can also choose a dress code that represents the chosen theme for your show party.

3. Use Custom tumblers

Regardless of the theme that you have specified for your awards show party, you’ll have to entertain your guests when they visit. This implies that you’ll have yet another opportunity to blow their minds and give them a classy, entertainment-filled night that they’ll live to remember. How will you achieve that, you may ask? By paying attention to the littlest details. Swap your plain, boring cups for custom tumblers and your mind-numbing mugs for personalized tumblers. That way, every sip they take at your event will be a sip to remember.

4. Roll out the red carpet. 

Most remarkable awards show parties have red carpets; why shouldn’t yours? Red carpets are not all that expensive to get, and you can get them at the last minute for your event. Depending on the weather conditions at your event center, you can roll out a red carpet at your front door or inside your home.


There is no limit to what you can do to make your awards show party an entertainment-filled event for your guests. So feel free to get sassy with fancy attire, custom tumblers and dinnerware, hors d’oeuvres, and anything else that would make your party a hit with your friends and family!