For all the makeup lovers, get excited to know the different new makeup trends in 2020. It is not surprising how the cosmetic industry is at the boom for the past few years. This is providing opportunities and a large stage for different artists to make their trends and inventions. 

The most amazing thing is that almost every year, new makeup products are introduced that are organic and safe to be worn on the skin. These makeup products are eco-friendly and are successfully spreading awareness about the environment.

In this article, we will discuss the latest makeup trends about the hottest new makeup color – rose gold

Best Rose Gold Eye Shadow Makeup

Numerous popular artists have created their brands. Now, these brands are hyped all over the world due to the remarkable quality and incredible results. One of the most amazing things about these makeup brands is that they have created strong brand value and image that pulls the customers automatically towards itself. Therefore, few popular rose gold eyeshadow makeup brands that are pretty trending are as follows.

Remastered Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette – Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty’s Remastered Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette has created chaos in the markets. This is an improved and a new eyeshadow makeup palette that includes all the glorifying rose gold shades for eyeshadow makeup.

Naked3 Palette – Urban Decay

The sensational eyeshadow makeup palette of Urban Decay was a successful launch back in 2013. Surprisingly, the Naked3 Palette is still the biggest hype when we talk about rose gold eye shadows.

Retro Rose Gold Liquid Eyeshadow – Stila Glitter and Glow

For a long-lasting glitter eyeshadow, Stila Glitter and Glow is no less than the rest. The stunning rose gold eyeshadow makeup is long-lasting and makes sure to provide a glossy look for hours.

Eyeshadow Palette – Anastasia Beverly Hills

The glamorous Anastasia Beverly Hills never fails to disappoint. The soft nude colors of rose gold Eyeshadow makeup palette is still on everyone’s dream list.

Different Celebrity Trends for Makeup

Don’t stay a step back and get involved with all the trendsetters. Numerous makeup trends are introduced by different celebrities. Make sure to follow them and experience the glorifying colors.

Make Your Mascara Bold

This might sound a bit daring to you but make sure you try this on. If you are doubtful to pull off dark pink or purple colored mascara, then try blue or green to blend it well with black lashes.

Just Tap Neon on the Corners

Applying neon eyeshadow is too common now, but let’s make it different this year. You can tap neon shade on the corners of the eyes and use light shades to make the neon pop out.

Go Bold with Hot Pink Lips like Candice Swanepoel

Shades of red are now too typical on lips. You can go bold by carrying different colors. Try hot pink or maybe blue shade to go wild and bold.

Be Funky with the Floating Liners like Shay Mitchel

If you are really up to be noticed and look different then be bold to carry the floating eyeliner. Instead of putting it on your lash line you can use a different colored liner and swipe it a little above on your lids.

There are numerous trends of makeup introduced in 2020. You can even set your trend and make your followers as these celebrities did!

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