Snow White is a world-famous story written by The Brothers Grimm (German brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm). Different adaptations of movies have been released on this single story, featuring an evil mother trying to kill her daughter, the daughter runs away, she finds dwarfs in the forest who are kind to her and help her survive. The association grows deeper with time, but eventually her witch mother poisons her with an apple. She is placed in a casket, and then a handsome prince arrives and saves her life.

The original Snow White 1987 film portrays the same story in a slightly different manner. There are different facts about the movie that many of you might not be aware of. Keep reading to learn more!

8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Snow White 1987 Film

Limitation of Resources

The Cannon Movie Tales had to shoot several tales simultaneously. This was one of the reasons why they were short on costumes, sets, and other materials used for the production of the Snow White 1987 film. Despite this, they did a great job at making an adaption of the fairy tale.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

The movie is considered a part of science fiction and fantasy stories too. The reason behind this is the involvement of time-lapses, an alien world, and extraterrestrial phenomena in the movie.


This is one of the many fairy tale movies that is also a musical. The music of the Snow White 1987 film was the creation of a single man named Arik Rudich.

Artificial Snow

The movie shows snow in many instances. The snow is neither real snow or artificial snow. It is made using paper and the Dead Sea salt. Both things are used to give the effect of snow in the Snow White 1987 film.

Time Lapses

The movie begins with the end of the story – the prince meets the dwarfs and learns about Snow White. Then the flashbacks begin. The film slides from present to past and then it smoothly returns to the present. Entirely different timelines go parallel in the movie.

One of the Awaited Movies

Watchers had to wait for almost four years before this movie aired. Due to some technical issues, the movie took a long time to officially release.

Commercial Failure

The movie was a commercial failure. Its ratings were around sixty percent. In an attempt to complete the series, the Cannon Group released nine featured films, including Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood and a few others. Some movies received immense admiration, but some like Snow White got average reviews.

Major Variation from the Original Story

The costumes are perfect. The dialogues are catchy. Sarah Patterson makes a great Snow White, and the prince is handsome enough. The individual actions of the characters are praiseworthy. What the director missed out on or deliberately did was to make the evil queen her real mother and not the stepmother, as written by the Grimm brothers.

Although the Snow White film released in 1987 was not a huge success, it is one of those films which are closest to Grimm’s original tale. Therefore, it should not be missed by any movie or literature fan.