The only person with stars in all five categories of the Hollywood Walk of Fame is Gene Autry. He was nicknamed the Singling Cowboy because much of his early fame was due to his appearance in Westerns where he usually burst into song.

However there was more to Gene Autry than this. He starred in all types of movie, usually playing a leading role in everything from Westerns to WW2 drama, and he was considered a very fine actor. He was also a country singer, songwriter, a rodeo rider, TV show host and radio personality and sports presenter.

Gene Autry was born in 1907 and died in 1998 and although he retired from acting in 1964 he went on to found a business empire including becoming the owner of TV stations, radio stations as well as becoming the owner of a Los Angeles baseball team called the Los Angeles Angels.

So who is the only person with stars in all five categories of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and why?

To understand why Gene Autry has received so many stars, you need to know about the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

There are actually seven different categories of star available. These are in; TV, Radio, Music, Live Performance, Film and Special – which is a general category. There is also an “Other” category which can award stars to worthy winners based on individual circumstances.

Because Gene Autry had such a long and versatile career including as a TV channel owner, he received stars for each of his many accomplishments. According to his obituary, “”He was enormously successful at almost anything he tried—radio, records, song writing, television, real estate and business, as well as movies and museums.”

Some actors and entertainers have come close to matching Gene Autry’s record 5 star achievements. Bob Hope received four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and notables including Danny Kaye and Frank Sinatra have received three stars.

Who is the only person with stars in all five categories of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and why has this record not been matched in recent years?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is still important but it does seem to belong to a bygone era. It was first devised in the 1950s and work on it started in 1960. The idea was to create a beautiful space where visitors could come and look at this record of Hollywood fame and it attracts approximately 15 million visitors a year.

Not all stars are featured in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For example Clint Eastwood is notable by his absence but the truth is that not all stars wish to be included.

To receive a Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame you have to be nominated for the award and you also have to agree to pick up the tab for the cost of the ceremony. This year’s new additions include Julia Roberts for Motion Pictures, 50 Cent and Alicia Keys for Music and Susan Stamberg in the Radio category.