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“Profile of a Killer” (2012): Try to understand his mind (Review)

“Profile of a Killer” (2012): Try to understand his mind (Review)

This week I read a message on Facebook about an article about an inmate’s last meal while he was on death row. The man was a convicted cannibal/ child molester and his last meal request was that of a small boy. I’m not quite sure if this request was intentional, a sick joke , or the man not really caring what his last meal was if he was going to die anyways. It brought up for me thoughts of why him and others would want to go out and deliberately hurt people. It sometimes feels like there is this really thin thread inside all of us. On each side of this thread are two things pulling it down on equal sides. Our human side and our animal side. Animals will kill and f___ and eat and kill and f__ some more without any sort of moral compass at all. While the human side of us takes into account all of the feelings that go along side our behaviors. It’s a really thin thread that could snap and make you into a killer or just another animal. The thriller, Profile of a Killer, tries to give us some of the answers to why this is

In Minnesota a string of bodies have been found with their flesh removed. Famed profiler Saul Aitken (Gabriele Angieri) has been called in to help detective Rachel Cade (Emily Fradenburgh) with her investigation. One night while at a hotel, Saul gets abducted by the killer David Jenks (Joey Pollari). He shackles both his hands and feet and asks him to write up a profile. Saul is surprised to see that the man responsible for these horrific crimes is not just a young boy. But one who had loving parents and a very normal social life. While the investigation on Rachel’s end continues. The game between Saul and David continues to build and build.   Only one of them will win but who will it be.

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Writer and director, Caspian Tredwell- Owen gives us a very effective albeit standard thriller that has a lot of the same tropes we have seen before. His characters all very good and the cast involved all do a really good job. I just never found them to be all that memorable. Joey Pollari as David is a really good bad guy and at times can be very chilling. I just had a hard time believing that he could do what he did to his victims. You can buy that he would kill these people without any problems, but he comes off more like a Bond villain rather than a sadistic serial killer. It really didn’t need to show that he removed the flesh. I understand that this was to help evade any capture, but he could have done that without having to go to such extremes. Gabriele Angieri gives almost a father like performance to his role as Saul. He is afraid of David, and yet wants to help him battle his demons. In some scenes he seems more upset at David’s actions rather than the people he is hurting. The scenes they have together are really good and help bring a lot of the thrills to the movie. The only character I wanted more development with was Rachel Cade. Emily Fradenburgh gives a great speech on how her mom was raped by man before she was born. She believes it’s this moment that helps her track where these people are because one of them is part of her. I found this to be very fascinating and I wish that it were built on more then what it did. She also randomly has sex with a fellow detective that is clearly not about love and you get the notion that she has the capabilities to shut off any emotions just like the killers do.


Profile of a Killer features some really good cinematography from Jospeph Piccolo and score by Steven Guthenz. It may remind you of another certain crime thriller set in Minnesota, but without any of the deadpan humor. It doesn’t add anything to the genre but it doesn’t need to either. It just wants to tell you a good story. Yes, it is one that you have most likely seen before. However the great acting from the cast alone that makes it a fun watch.

The Good: Great acting from it’s main cast.

The Bad: Predictable storyline and outcome

The Doubtful: Believing that a 16 year old looking boy could remove the skin and flesh from it’s victims.

Overall: 7.0/10

Written By The Vern

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Thursday July 18, 2019