Star Trek Into Darkness App Announced At Amazingly Awkward CES Conference

Right now, in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show is being held. It’s where most of the consumer electronics giants show off their newest products…

Zero Dark Thirty Pushed Back To January 2013

If you were hoping to see  Jessica Chastain kill Osama bin Laden this Christmas, well turns out you might have to wait a bit longer….

Sony Hit With Lawsuit Over William Faulkner Quote in Midnight in Paris

Well, this is odd. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Classic and a group of film exhibitors have been sued by the owners of…

Elysium Moved To Late Summer as Robocop is Pushed Back to Dumping Grounds

Neill Blomkamp‘s Elysium has been moved from its original  March 2013 release date to August 9th,  2013. In turn that  date was recently vacated by…

Still Life: Where Do We Go Now? Gets Video Release – Win a Copy!

As a sort-of antidote to today’s action-heavy news, including Taken and Van Damme, here we bring you an item about an award-winning Lebanese musical comedy….