Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) is a movie that consists of superheroes Batman and Superman. The movie is from DC comics. The movie is listed with two of the best superheroes that are batman and superman. As the movie involves these two heroes, it promised to be a thriller and movie full of action. The audience expected a lot of surprises as the overall effect that the movie created was something never seen before. Moreover, the presence of batman and superman in the movie itself lit up expectations within the audience. However, this wasn’t the case, and Batman v Superman sucked for many reasons.

2 Main Reasons Why ‘Batman v Superman’ Sucked

Competing with Marvel

As we all know that DC competes with Marvel when it comes to superheroes movies. Both of them try to deliver what is the best and make sure that their audience is fully attracted to the movie. The movie promised to be one of the best but still Batman v Superman sucked.

The movie had to deliver the expectations that their audience had made but failed miserably. The movie showed that DC was trying to catch up with Marvel standards all the time, rather than giving what is original. The lack of originality had made the viewers think that they are being treated with the same old things. A lot of them are also Marvel viewers, and they realize that they are presented to the things they have already seen.

The movie highlighted the competition between Marvel and DC rather than keeping up with the viewer’s expectations. It showed that DC is in a race with Marvel and wants to win regardless of presenting quality or not. The movie seemed to be thrown at the audience rather than having a strong storyline. The storyline is something that the audience value a lot but it was one of the reasons that Batman v Superman sucked.

Jumbled Up Thoughts

Another reason why the movie was criticized a lot was with jumbled up thoughts. In the race to achieve more than Marvel, DC forget to put up a strong storyline and then continue with it. They were pushing a lot of thoughts to the viewers at one particular time making them digest the story. As they were not been presented with one particular storyline they couldn’t focus on the story of the movie.

Action and sound effects were good, but fans need a lot more than that when they are anticipating a good movie. The fans received headaches as they had to focus on a lot of different stories at one time. It should have been one strong story that had been presented slowly to the audience rather than spilling all the rocks.

The movie recorded millions as the fanbase of batman and superman is one of the highest. However, high earning doesn’t always reflect a good movie. The movie had a lot of technical issues that did reflect when the critics reviewed the movie. DC should put thoughts into this to make its viewers satisfied in the future.

So, when it comes to why Batman v Superman sucked, what are your thoughts?