Music is inextricably linked to our lives, it is a form of entertainment, worship, expression, art, and lifestyle and movies tend to reflect these aspects of our life. Countless movies feature musical instruments in them, not just musicals but even action films feature musical instruments. You can see the boss of a crime syndicate with his collection of vintage guitars as a sign of his wealth, class, dopeness, and appreciation for music.

You could see a fight scene that a piano is smashed during the fight sequence or a shootout during a concert. Music and musical instruments are replete in movies and they have come to stay, from the 20th to the 21st century you would find musical instruments in movies. In this article, we are going to explore the best movies that feature musical instruments in them such as School of Rock, Wayne’s World, and others.

Best Movies That Feature Musical Instruments 

Everybody loves a good movie, fans of music and musical instruments love movies that feature the things they love so if you are a fan of movies and music or musical instruments this article is for you as we would be revealing our best movies that feature musical instruments, they are:

  1. School of Rock: This movie was released in 2003, this movie gave rock and roll a makeover, Jack Black, as the main character helped infuse fun, laughter, friendliness, and warmth to the take on rock and roll. It is a popular A-list movie that promises to be fun no matter the number of times you watch it. The Battle of the bands was the climax of the movie. Every minute of this movie is worth it, you get fun, excitement, intrigue, music, and a lot of jamming guitars. Check out School of Rock and you would not regret it.
  2. Singles: This movie was made in the 20th century, it is one of those movies that time does not take away from, its Seattle scenes are expertly shot to reflect the beauty of Seattle as it then was. There is no shortage of scenes with musical instruments and musical numbers. 
  3. Rock Star: this movie was released in 2001, it is filled with a lot of rock and roll cliché scenes, the movie features Zack Wylde and a lot of musical references, instruments, and scenes.  It is a rock and roll film that presents all the legends and cliches surrounding this genre of music. 
  4. Wayne’s World 2: Made in 1993, this movie was about music festivals and it aptly represented it. Though it might not be your favorite, it sure presents music festivals, musical instruments, and the likes in a unique old, classical way.
  5. August Rush: This is an evergreen movie that is centered around a musical prodigy, it features renditions of classical music orchestra and the likes. It represents how music is around us and in everything we do, from the streets, the wind, to even our heartbeats. If you love music, you would love this movie. If want to see a movie with musical instruments and different genres of music then try August Rush, it promises to be an exhilarating and emotional ride.
  6. The Sleepover: This is a movie released in 2020, it is basically a family action film but still it is infused with music and how it can help people find themselves. The scene at the party where the kids had to use music to find themselves features a number of musical instruments and classical music. 

There are countless movies all over the world that features several musical instruments, check out the ones we have enumerated in this article.