Are you already preparing for spring? Well, if that is the case you must be up for some movie nights with your family or friends. If you like to sit home and chill with your TV, you may want a soothing drink with your favorite movies. Consider giving these teas a try!

Tea Please!

If you’re not already a tea fanatic, then welcome to the fan club! While searching for what’s new on Netflix, why not enhance the mood by trying a new type of tea? If you are up for it, then make sure you try some different flavors or tea from Yogi Tea or Mountain Rose Herbs. These are the best tea brands that will make sure that your movie time is spent just the way you want. If you are curious about what’s new on Netflix, then you will enjoy these different brands of tea for sure. Bonus: Tea has natural health benefits!

The Best Teas For Watching a Movie

You can enjoy your movie with many different types of tea, especially if you’re searching for what’s new on Netflix. Here are some of our favorites.

Rooibos Tea: The caffeine-free, sweet, and smoky flavored Rooibos tea is a perfect drink that can complement some grea, action and thriller movies. If you are watching a series like “Fast and Furious,” then this type of tea is a perfect flavor that can enhance your movie watching experience.

Fruit Tea: Doesn’t it sound a bit weird? It’s actually good for you, so try it out fearlessly. This is a sweet herbal tea than you can definitely enjoy with your favorite comedy movie.

Green Tea: Are you up for some drama? Then make sure you get involved with the drama with a cup of green tea. This is also the best healthy beverage to enjoy in the afternoon when you need a natural caffeine-enhanced energy pick-me-up.

Black Tea: If you are interested in some amazing documentaries, then make sure to enjoy black tea. This boosts your reflexes and helps you understand the twists and turns in each film.

Herbal Tea: To watch a horror movie late night requires some extra energy. That is why herbal tea is the best option for you. The mixture of different herbs and spices will  keep you focused on the intense horror scenes.

If you are looking for the best teas to enjoy your movies, then make sure you try these delicious and nutritious options!