Before we compare the two films with a similar plot but were released at different periods, it is crucial to first introduce the “Children of the Corn” series. These series began in 1984 and were based on a short horror story written by Stephen King, which gained so much popularity and appreciation from the audiences that since then it has made so many sequels after every few years such as in 1993, 1996, 1999, 2001, and 2009. In this article, we will make comparisons between the “Children of the Corn” 2009 and the 1984 original movie releases.

The Plot

In both the movies, the plot is surrounded by a couple that travels to Gatlin and experiences paranormal activities during their journey. This town in both the movies suffers various economic problems due to drought, malnutrition, and crop failures, and to get away with these issues the residents especially the children get involved in various religious and death cults to please the gods.

Differences Between ‘The Children Of Corn’ 2009 and 1984 Movie

The original movie from 1984 excelled particularly because of its excellent casting. Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton gained a lot of popularity for performing their roles extremely well. Their acting skills not only impressed the audiences but also scared and haunted them at the same time. However, the limited and adequate budget that the makers had was very obvious and visible throughout the movie, and this is exactly from where all the problems in the movie arose.

The costumes, sets, locations, and props used in the movie look very low quality and cheap. To make it worse, the lightning in the movie is extremely flat and everything looks sparse and unbelievable. The makers did some attempts to add special effects in the movie to make it look more visual but failed miserably, as these efforts only contribute to make the movie look more awful. The original movie of 1984 would have been a lot better if they had stuck to original text written by the author and not had any changes in the roles of the characters.

These were all the areas that needed improvement, and the “Children of the Corn” 2009 film attempted to work on all the areas that needed improvement. Although the subsequent remakes of the movie improved these areas to a great extent, the improvement is still very little and the audiences expect to see an amazing remake of the original movie that does not compromise on the casting, plot, costumes, sets, locations, as well as the budget. Therefore, the “Children of Corn” 2009 film aimed to make sure the movie looked extremely visual, high-quality, and expensive.

Although there have been various sequels made after the original movie, every new movie receives the same level of anticipation and excitement by the audiences, because the original one failed to be proved as a masterpiece. Each sequel has a little common except for the main plot of the cult worshipping children who keep scaring the adults.