If you haven’t already watched the “Are You Being Served” TV series, then you need to go see it now. It is a British comedy series that humorously shows the ruthless class division at that time. It also touches upon topics such as pretentiousness and gender equality in a satirical way.

“Are You Being Served” (1972 – 1985) is a quality television series, and you are seriously missing out on all the fun. The show ran 10 seasons, which included some seriously hilarious episodes. Here is our compilation of the funniest episodes of the “Are You Being Served” TV series.

Funniest Moments from ‘Are You Being Served’ TV Series

Season 5 Episode 7: “It Pays to Advertise”

If you want to see a comedy masterpiece, then this episode is it. You know those days where you think if it could get any worse and it does? This episode just sums up that statement in a comedic way because everything goes wrong!

There is a sequence of a bum accordion, to cigarettes that are exploding and a whole bottle of wine being poured onto the floor. This episode has it all and you will be in for some serious laughter. So brace yourself before watching this one!

Season 4 Episode 4: “Fire Practice”

There is nothing like a mock fire drill to test the coordination and organization in the workplace. The one in this episode just turns out to be a completely horrifying but comedic experience.

Because of the poor performance in the mock fire drill, Mr. Rumbold decides to make the staff stay behind for additional fire practice. This leads to additional disasters as the staff practices CPR on a dummy, they also slide down through a window chute and they have to take measurements of a customer that they can’t touch.

If there is any show that knows how to turn disasters into comedy, then it is this one!

Season 6 Episode 3: “Do You Take This Man?”

There is no bigger motivator than greed to make you do hilariously desperate things. This episode of the “Are You Being Served” TV series does just that. Mrs. Slocombe is engaged, but in a twist of events her Greek fiancé breaks off the engagement.

But wait, her wealthy uncle was gifting a brand new house for the engagement! The whole staff then comes together to stage a fake engagement that has hilariously disastrous consequences!

Season 2 Episode 2: “Cold Comfort”

This episode is a comedic take on the oil crisis of 1973. It shows how everyone is being affected by the winter and has to come up with a variety of ways to warm themselves.

The great thing about this show is that it takes serious issues and turns them around in such a funny way that you can’t help but laugh. This is by far one of the best episodes on the show with its never-ending comedic arcs.

The “Are You Being Served” TV series was one of the most popular British series. If you want to spend the day laughing and de-stressing then watch this now, and you will wonder why you never started it before!