Within its release of the first trailer season 1, the controversy had already gotten too far. Insatiable features the lead role by none other than Debby Ryan, shown as a fat chubby girl (Patty) who faces many bullies due to her weight. However, she dramatically loses all that weight as an act of revenge and turns into a classy looking, slim woman who is also lucky enough now to be the part of a beauty pageant competition. 

This Netflix original show has received a lot of criticism mainly because of body shaming; moreover, the content of the show was supposed to be a light comedy, but according to many viewers, it is not the case. People even went as far as signing a petition over the show.

Within the announcement of Insatiable season 2, all the actors have shown support to the show by claiming that the show is not offensive and does not promote body shaming; instead the show is trying to promote a satirical-based plot. People thought that Netflix would not make yet another season of Insatiable because of the controversy; however, it did.

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Review of Season 2: Has It Gone Too Far?

Insatiable season 1 ended when Patty and her coach, Bob, covered up a murder. Despite all the controversy and slight lameness in the dark humor, people awaited a better and more welcoming Insatiable season 2. 

Insatiable season 2 focuses more on Patty’s eating disorders. Despite being beautiful, hot, and slim, she still is impacted by her eating habits. Season 2 attempts to show the seriousness of the condition by creating an atmosphere where it helps Patty positively. The show also digs into issues like gender stereotypes, sexual orientation, and disability. 

Even though season 2 has tried hard to portray a good image, there are still loopholes within the writing. Season 2 is quite predictive, the storyline is nothing great, and the plot is slightly illogical. 

Murdering someone is normalized, and the crime is easily hidden. Nevertheless, the authorities do manage to combat the show’s negative image, but the hard work seems more like converting the negative image into a positive one. 

Many people believe that if the show had an interesting yet sensible plot, it would be better. A teen girl who transforms herself from having low self-esteem to being a full-fledged murderer does not seem like a natural connection to a satirical comedy. 

Another confusing character is that of a lawyer, Bob Armstrong, whose character is filled with total randomness. He is a lawyer who is protecting a murderer just for the sake of a beauty pageant contest. Say what?

To conclude, Insatiable is a show that has never-ending controversy attached to its image. No matter how much they try to overcome that, missing good humor in this satire is still a major issue within the show. Lack of sensible, yet funny content has produced the backlash that it rightfully deserves.

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