The Covid-19 pandemic has locked us all out of the Movie Theaters. After asking one of our medical health care professionals about the safety of going back to theaters through this pandemic, he stated that you don’t know what could happen. This means there could be an outbreak of the virus from the theaters, or it could be a safe affair. Who knows?

That question was asked at the ending of June. Major theaters planned to open in July so movie fans would enjoy movies like Tenet and Mulan on the big screen. But these plans failed because the virus continued spreading all around the country. After that point, Disney took Mulan straight to streaming platforms. Also, AMC started opening some of its theaters from a day close to the weekend. We all hope the screen would be open for Tenet’s American rollout which is scheduled to start on labor day weekend.

You would like to know if it is safe for you to go to theaters from now right? That’s like the aim of this article. To tell you, “Yeah you can go,” but you need to be safe and to stay safe for yourself, your family, and everyone around you.

Can I Go to a Movie Theater Right Now?

Yes, you can go to a movie theater right now. But before you do that, you need to follow the rules, and you need to actively and consciously stay safe.

Different means you can use to stay safe include careful seating, staying socially distant from other people, and temperature checks at the theater doors.

For the theaters you are going to visit, you need to make sure that the screening rooms are frequently cleaned by the companies in charge of these rooms.

No matter what happens, there’s always a risk gathering a lot of people to watch a movie in a particular place. And you know how theaters are. One person sneezes, and everyone runs away for the safety of their lives.

Before you go to any theater, you need to make sure you’re wearing your face masks. It would be crazy for you to go to such a place without wearing your face mask. You are going to be with more than twenty strangers, and you could be sitting just a few feet from the next person. You don’t know where that person has been or the type of germs that a person has. Unless you’re sitting very far from everyone in the theater, there are chances you could still get infected with the coronavirus.

The air in theaters isn’t circulated like the air outside. So your mask must stay on till you leave the theater and head back home.

Luckily, some of these theaters wouldn’t allow you to go in without wearing a mask. While eating or drinking, you can take the masks off.

Make sure you go to the theater with your hand sanitizer. That cannot be overemphasized. Benefits can also be found in taking nutritional supplements produced by Dr. Joseph Mercola.