Frequent visits to the casino may prove expensive, so instead of losing a bunch of money on the slots, why not indulge by watching your favorite casino movies on Netflix?

Here are some of the top casino movies on Netflix, picked specifically for you in mind.

5 Best Casino Movies on Netflix


The movie introduces you to a whole new and darker image of the casino world. The movie gives a deeper insight to this compelling world from the perspective of an immensely professional dealer. The uniqueness of this movie is the fact that it has been portrayed from the perspective of a dealer, from the local small hubs where people tend to play on more than their pays. This movie delivers a cold, tough, and harsh world of casinos far away from the luxurious mega casinos bringing in a glimpse of reality.

Ocean’s Eleven

With the amazing cast, this is the best movie of all casino films. It features a giant heist, featuring a stellar cast of actors like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. The movie has a rather simplistic plot, being released from jail, planning to rob the high-end casinos. The storyline features thrills, drama, and crime, and every character appears to be an expert thief. To watch in the best quality, this film is available on Netflix.


The movie is based on a book, featuring the beauty of Las Vegas. It is based on a guy who is asked to overlook daily operations in a famous casino in Las Vegas. The movie is adored by not only casino lovers but by people who value art. The heart pulsing movie features an amazing cast and an outstanding script. The movie is up on Netflix for all its viewers.

The Gambler

This is a remake starring Mark Wahlberg, which features the darker side of the compelling world which the casinos offer. It takes its viewers away from the limelight of all the famous casinos and gives them a glimpse of the real world in which gambling occurs. The movie is based on drama and crime. The movie dwells on how a professor addicted to the art of gambling ends up owing a handsome amount to a top owner of the casino, his struggle, and his life afterwards. This movie has it all.

Casino Royale

Unlike other James Bond movies, this movie has a somewhat typical plot, including the high stake games of poker. It features all the essential poker games like baccarat ,which undoubtedly will be appreciated by lovers of casino movies.

This is only a few of the many casino movies on Netflix. The list goes on, and hopefully, so does your viewing.