Unless you purchase a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, there are slim chances of finding science fiction movies that have a good storyline with little to no plot holes. However, good science fiction movies aren’t just available on streaming services. There is, in fact, a plethora of incredible sci fi movies on line for free. If you’re someone who is seeking out such movies, then keep on reading.

4 Must-See Sci Fi Movies On Line

The Mars Underground

“The Mars Underground” is a science fiction movie that can be streamed on YouTube and has an incredible rating of 7.8 on IMDb. Directed by Scott J. Gill and starring Neil Armstrong, you know that this movie is going to be good with no plot holes. The movies basic storyline revolves around a visionary rocket scientist who has mapped out a plan. The plan is to basically settle all of the humans on Mars within the decade. His only challenge is to convince NASA as well as the wider world.

I’ll Follow You Down

Directed by Richie Mehta, this movie stars Haley Joel Osment, and yes that is the boy who starred in the highly prestigious “The Sixth Sense.” So, you know that this movie will have incredible acting. The story begins once a young scientist who was on a supposed business trip vanishes. It turns out that he time travelled and went back in time to meet Albert Einstein. His family, more specifically, his wife and his son, are now struggling to cope. However, after a few years, they discover something bizarre that might just bring him back home. Using this discovery, the son time travels just as his father did, only this time, the mission is to bring him back home. This is one of the best sci fi movies on line, particularly for those who want something thrilling yet heart-warming.

The Machine

This sci fi movie has won a plethora of awards and for good reasons. It is the science fiction movie that’ll make your fears come to life. Which fear? The one where machines pose a threat to well, all of humanity! The story follows two computer programmers who have set out to make a humanoid machine, which might just be a little too human. But once this machine is built, the government weaponizes it, which leads to a truly massive killing spree.

Lost: Black Earth

This movie is an Australian indie film that is set after the Earth has been destroyed by an alien empire. Through the use of terraforming technology, the Earth is trying to revive itself. The only issue is that it is miserably failing. So, the movie follows four rebels, who are joining forces to fight and destroy the very alien empire that destroyed them.

The great part about all of these movies is that they each cater to different types of audiences. However, the best part is that these sci fi movies are available for free!