Maverick is back! I honestly never thought I would see the day. As for the trailer, there’s a lot going on here! Let’s dive in.

First, Tom Cruise doesn’t age. It’s just a fact of the universe at this point. 60 going on 35. It’s great to see him back in an iconic role not named Ethan Hunt.

Second, Ed Harris (as an admiral of some kind) asks Maverick why he hasn’t ever been promoted after his illustrious career as a fighter pilot. Maverick responds “It’s one of life’s great mysteries, sir.” Of course, it’s no mystery at all. Maverick loves flying — being promoted takes that away from him. It sure feels like he’s having to deal with pilots becoming obsolete in a world where planes are flown via drone technology. His entire identity is wrapped up in being a pilot, so I’m sure that Maverick having to deal with a potential loss of identity will be a major theme in the movie.

Third, as many of you know, Goose died in the first Top Gun. However, it appears his son may be a major part of this movie. Excited to see where this movie goes with that!

Lastly, where was Iceman? It’s been confirmed that he’s in this movie. I was hoping to see him in this trailer, so I certainly hope he’s in the next one.

This movie looks great! The visuals are astonishing in the trailer. You can never fully tell the quality of pacing, plot, writing, and overall quality of a film from the trailer, but this movie looks promising!