Historically, TV shows are an escape from the real world. From iconic moments to heartfelt moments, TV shows have a way of grabbing the audience’s attention and having a special place in their heart for them. In the same way, “Seinfeld” is one of the greatest sitcoms from the ’90s. There are so many fantastic and funny “Seinfeld” quotes. We’ve lined up just a few for you here.

Who Said These Quotes?

Quote 1

“My wallet’s gone! My wallet’s gone!”

Now, let’s give you time to think about it. Who do you think said it? Take 2 minutes to think and then read further.

If you said Morty Seinfeld then you are absolutely correct! Morty, Jerry Seinfeld’s father says this when he goes to the doctor, where he places his jacket in the waiting area and then blames the whole doctor’s office for stealing his wallet. What actually had happened was that he has dropped it on Jerry’s couch. Typical Morty!

Quote 2

“As you can see, this clearly isn’t my face.”

Again, you have time to think of who said this line. It’s really simple and easy if you are an avid supporter of the show. Take your time.

Now, if you ended up with the name David Puddy, then you are 100% correct!

David Puddy decides to promise Elaine that he will not be painting his face anymore in honor of his favorite sports team, but finds a loophole in that promise and ends up painting, not his face, but his chest instead. Elaine is clearly not that impressed. But we are with your amazing guesses! 

Quote 3

“I relate to (him) through you. We’re more like friends-in-law.”

This is fairly easy and simple. This is one of the most iconic lines said in “Seinfeld.” Do you want to take a minute to guess? Go ahead!

Once you are done read ahead and know that if you said George, then you are absolutely wrong! It wasn’t George, it was Elaine!

So here is what happened. George, Jerry, and Elaine decide to go to the movies, but somehow Jerry has to take care of a dog and cannot go with them. George and Elaine end up going together and find out that though they became friends through Jerry, they have a lot in common, as they share embarrassing stories about Jerry throughout!

These were just some of the greatest “Seinfeld” quotes that came to mind thinking about the iconic show. The best thing to do is to start binging this show, so that you can be reminded why this is the funniest sitcom to watch from the 1990s.