An indie film is an independent film that is produced outside of the established film studio system. An indie film can be any length, from a feature film to a short film of only a few minutes and generally an indie film will be made on a limited budget.

If you want to get into film making yourself , going down the indie route is the only way to get started but don’t be fooled into thinking that all indie films are made by amateur film makers.

Many indie films are made by professional outfits who wish to retain artistic and creative control and in some cases these come with major marketing campaigns just like movies from the established studios. Often the higher end of this genre will be aired at independent movie theatres and can rival the revenue of a mainstream studio made movie especially if it is well received by critics.

If you want to know what is an indie film (and how to get started making one), you can find plenty of online resources to get you started. MasterClass is a website that offers online learning about many types of creative project including making indie films. The impressive range of online courses feature experts from many walks of life, including cookery classes from Gordon Ramsey, Stand Up Comedy from David Sedaris and more.

The course on what is an indie film (and how to get started making one) is run by Indian American film maker Mira Nair who has an impressive pedigree as a movie director. Some of her more notable movies include Vanity Fair, released in 2004, Amelia in 2009 and A Suitable Boy in 2020 – a BBC TV series that has been popular with Netflix viewers worldwide

What is an indie film (and how to get started making one) will depend upon your own interests and your available budget. For new film makers, it is best to start small but as every movie starts with a script this is your first consideration.

Once you have your script, you need to sort out your budget because this will decide how and where to shoot as well as how many people you need to cast. Making an indie film does not need to be expensive.

You could shoot a low budget indie film on your Smartphone for example and if the script and story is good enough, your film may be good enough to become critically acclaimed. However, most indie film makers looking to make feature films will need to invest in proper movie cameras, lighting and other equipment including a studio space.

What is an indie film (and how to get started making one) will mean different things to different film directors. If you want to just make a film on little or no money, going down the smart phone route will help you find creative solutions in order to tell your story. This basic film making will stand you in good stead throughout your career.

Many renowned directors and film makers are proud to stay independent and with the lower cost of film making compared to studio productions, this genre is likely to continue well into the future.