Oh yes! There have been lots of television series in the U.S. that wouldn’t let their audience get one moment’s worth of peace. We keep waiting for new episodes to come out, and for those series that have finished, we never can keep all of those episodes in our minds, so we keep re-watching them.

The longest-running TV series in the United States of America is The Simpsons. So, this article will be giving you a little discussion about The Simpsons.

What is the Simpsons all about?

The Simpsons are all about a family. Their father is named Homer Simpson. He drinks a lot of beer and ironically works at the brewery. His stay-at-home wife and the mother of his three kids is Marge Simpson. She is known to have blue long hair, and she is a woman of peace. She doesn’t stress anyone out around, and she simply stays at home all day long, does her chores, and takes her last child Maggie Simpson to the supermarket to purchase supplies.

Then we have their kids, starting with Bart Simpson. He is the first child. Bart is extremely stubborn, and he always gets his way. Whenever he wants something, he always finds a way to get it. In most scenes on the show, you can notice his Dad Homer strangling his neck, and they’ll both be screaming.

Then there is Bart’s younger sister, Lisa Simpson. She is a bookworm—a very smart young lady. She is in love with her books, and this makes her socially awkward at times. She tries to always be there for her family and wants to make it big in this world. She has opposing characteristics to her older brother.

Lisa and Bart have their baby sister, Maggie Simpson. Through the seasons of The Simpsons, Maggie never speaks. She only speaks at times when they are having a fluke in the episode or something goes wrong one way or the other.

Apart from that, Maggie never talks. She’s just quiet most of the time.

That covers the Simpson family. The other characters are just recurring characters in the show.

Who are the other characters in the longest running TV series in the U.S.?

The other characters in the Simpsons include people like Akira Kurosawa, Aristotle Amadopolis, Jasper Beardly Harry, Ms. Albright, Wendell Borton Russi Taylor, Selma Bouvier Julie Kavner, Benjamin, Doug, and Gary Harry Shearer, Kent Brockman, Mary Bailey  Maggie Roswell, Birchibald “Birch” T. Barlow, Bill and Marty, Blinky, Blue Haired Lawyer, Jacqueline Bouvier   Julie Kavner, Patty Bouvier, Bumblebee Man, Charles Montgomery Burns, Capital City Goofball, Carl Carlson, Crazy Cat Lady, Gary Chalmers Hank, Charlie Dan Castellaneta, Chase (Pyro), Scott Christian, Comic Book Guy, Mr. Costington Hank, Database Nancy Cartwright, Declan Desmond, Eric Idle, Disco Stu, Dolph, Tress MacNeille, Lunchlady Doris to mention just a few.

Everyone loves The Simpsons. It’s fun, it’s lovely, and it is an interesting series. We hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.