Movies and stories you heard in your childhood have a certain nostalgia about them when you revisit them as an adult. For a lot of our parents, that was what Mary Poppins was like. The movie and the book about a young and mysterious nanny that shows up at your doorstep and helps change your life with a little bit of magic was enough to make certain people actually dream of someone like this. Mary Poppins reached the hearts of many fans and changed the lives of many.

One question that is often asked  is “What kind of flowers did Mary Poppins wear in her hair?” What kind were they and why did they always look fresh and beautiful? You will read all about it here.

What Kind of Flowers Were They?

The simple answer to the question, “What kind of flowers did Mary Poppins wear in her hair?” is pretty simple and straightforward. Though there has been confusion on the part from fans whether it was carnations or tulips, the answer is actually daisies. Mary Poppins wore daisies in her hair, and that is why they looked fresh and beautiful every time she was on screen.

Where Else Can You Find a Scent that Helps You Relax?

Flowers and their scents are enough to help you relax and calm down. That is one of the theories behind the fact that Mary Poppins wore those flowers because they helped her relax and feel less stressed out. She had a big responsibility that she needed to fulfil. This is a great way to also understand the stresses that most people suffer all their lives.

That is why the new discoveries and inventions have paved a way in which you can feel the stress leave your body by using extracts from flowers mixed with oil. These essential oils not only provide your relief but also help provide you with the scene that will help you bring back those memories of love and joy.

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One such product called Vine Flower Essence is considered one of the top sellers and is mostly out of stock because of its high demand. It’s aimed at people in leadership positions and how it can help them relieve some stress.

What kind of flowers did Mary Poppins wear in her hair is a good enough question to start a discussion on how flowers can have an effect on positive mental health and help people deal with emotions in a natural and healthy way.