Hollywood has created masterpieces as movies, and some of them have beautiful CGI (computer-generated imagery) to enhance their impact. CGI has come a long way in its development in the film industry.

It is difficult to imagine how some of the most magnificent movies could have been made without CGI. But if you’re curious enough, some films did an exceptional job with it.

Which movie has the best CGI? There is some tough competition. Here is a list of the top 5 picks of CGI movies which did their best. However, only one can be the winner. Let’s get started.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

The Pirates of the Caribbean series was a popular hit in its time. The CGI was so spectacular it sent chills down the spines of its viewers. The remarkable tentacles on the face of a character outshone among a lot of CGI effects. Fantasy is really difficult to bring to life, but this movie really played its part.

4. The Jungle Book

A more recent example of one of the top CGI movies is The Jungle Book. Built around the memorable tale of the Mowgli, the entire environment will make you awe. The people who worked on CGI did a great job with the animals, which seem as real as can be. In some parts of the film, the CGI might motivate some moments of scare too.

3. Avatar

The CGI of Avatar broke numerous records with the film’s release. The technology was used in such an eye-opening way that everyone who watched the film were simply amazed. If it weren’t for CGI, the movie wouldn’t have been so popular, but it truly did a number for Hollywood. But even then, this wasn’t the top CGI movie. Which movie has the best CGI? Keep reading to find out.

2. Star Wars

Despite Star Wars being such an old franchise, the CGI was advanced for its time. Watching the movie now, you might not be so impressed, but for its time it was inspiring. Apart from using the technology for the entertainment industry, Star Wars set a precedent. It showed filmmakers how to use CGI to deliver their story and enhance the plot. It was the true birth of CGI for many other films and movies to follow.

1.     Jurassic Park

Now, for the winner of them all – Jurassic Park. If you stuck around to have the answer to which movie has the best CGI, it is this. Jurassic Park is considered to be one of the biggest accolades for Industrial Light and Magic. The horrifyingly real way the dinosaurs were brought to life in the movie was surreal. The movie was a massive blockbuster and was responsible for the entire delivery of the plot. The CGI was amazing enough for many to remember this timeless movie for another century.

CGI’s development for Hollywood keeps on getting better. New movies have release dates every week, but nothing has been able to top Jurassic Park in CGI. It is only a matter of time when that moment comes and blows us away.