Cinemas have been a source of entertainment for many years. The current pandemic and resulting lockdowns had required all cinemas and non-necessary gathering places to be shut down indefinitely until the threat of COVID-19 goes away.

Recently as the situation had eased a bit and several places in different countries around the world began to reopen, it raises a big question: Why are cinemas pushing back reopening? Well, let’s find out.

COVID-19 Threat is Still Looming

Even though the governments around the world have eased several sectors such as workspaces, cinemas reopening in the future are still hanging in the balance. Cinemas, unlike superstores and offices, aren’t a necessity for people and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Sitting in close quarters with hundreds of people and interacting with them outside the theater goes completely against social distancing. It doesn’t serve a lot of purposes either, except watching a movie for entertainment or pleasure. The COVID-19 threat is still there, and as a safety precaution, cinemas reopening have been pushed back.

Standards of Operations (SOPs)

All the places that have reopened since the lockdowns have been operating while following standards of operations. Malls, shops, markets, and offices that have reopened are all strictly advised to keep SOPs in mind. These include social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, and keeping the environment clean and sanitized. Reducing the number of staff workers and customers to keep the place from getting full and putting the people at risk is extremely important.

In cinemas’ case, this is difficult to follow as many people like to cheer, eat, and socialize during a movie outing. Also, reducing the number of customers to less than 25-30% is not profitable for the cinemas and the staff working.

So now, they’d need to do four different shifts of work for the same amount of customers and profits as one shift before the pandemic. This has caused several cinema houses to push back reopening and stay closed, even after the governments allowed.

Movie Productions

It is no surprise that all industries have been affected by the COVID-19 and the lockdowns that followed. The movie industry, like others, has suffered huge losses as shooting new movies requires actors and workers to work in close proximity. This puts all of the staff at risk, which is why most movies had halted productions due to the lockdowns. This is another reason why cinemas haven’t reopened yet and pushing the reopening further back. As there is no stream of newly released movies, the cinemas do not have fresh content to show to their audiences and make profits.

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