A largely unknown American family movie “Cinnamon (My Dog’s Christmas Miracle)” is an absolute favorite movie of kids ever since it was released in 2011. Read on to find out why.

What is ‘Cinnamon’ the Movie?

Did you see this movie for a real-life cinnamon theater experience? If not, here’s a summary of the film.

The movie stars a Maltese dog that is extremely funny, exciting, and adventurous. Even though it is a romantic movie of two single parents, the role of the dog in their story makes it more charming and comedic. The dog is seen to be falling for one single parent who is an architect, and then he tries to break their couple up. After succeeding in doing so, he later feels guilty and helps to bring the couple back together. 

This cinnamon theater movie is targeted to kids that are aged 6 or above. However, parents say that only the kids that are aged 10 or above should be allowed to watch this movie, because it has a lot of dating and smooching that may not be appropriate for the kids of an age group 1-6 years old. However, the message of the movie is one of building a one, loving, non-violent family unit, which makes it a must-watch for older kids and their parents.

Why Kids Love This Cinnamon Theater Movie

Kids love this movie because it is exciting, thrilling, funny, cute, romantic, and adventurous. You can see the cute little Maltese dog doing funny and incredible things that will make kids burst into laughter. It is a romantic comedy movie that a lot of kids with single parents can relate to, especially when their parents start dating someone. 

The most obvious reason kids love this movie is because of the dog! Kids love watching animal movies. The cute Maltese dog in the movie is a very adorable character that draws the attention of kids and makes them fond of the movie. 

Although adults might disagree, the voice of the dog is  adorable for young viewers and this makes them love this dog tale even more! 

How to Make Your Own Cinnamon Theater Experience

This movie has been extremely popular among kids, and it is this popularity of the movie that has made kids fond of cinnamon in general.They like eating cinnamon cereal, cookies, candies, and almost anything and everything with cinnamon in it. 

Did you eat too much popcorn when watching this movie? No worries! It turns out that cinnamon (the spice) is a natural digestive aid.

For the ultimate cinnamon theater experience in honor of the movie “Cinnamon” we recommend trying some nutritious cinnamon supplements that can help settle an upset stomach naturally, including supplements by Solgar and New Chapter.

How will you celebrate your cinnamon theater experience?