Salem is a town’s name that anyone who even has a small interest in witches immediately recognizes. The mention of the witch trials is what they all immediately respond with. Yet another show on the witch trials? Well, this one is unlike any other adaptation. The “Witches of Salem” TV show on the Travel Channel is an incredible mini-documentary series, which has perfectly captured how Salem, Massachusetts, and it’s residents descended into madness. All of the episodes that have been included in the series, in chronological order, unravel the events that led to the hysteria that spread all throughout Salem, and no, the unravelling of the events aren’t what you expect them to be. Here are all of the reasons why we like the “Witches of Salem.” 

4 Reasons Why We Love the ‘Witches of Salem’ TV Show

Unique Approach

The first and the most prominent thing that a viewer will notice that this mini-series, which revolves around the Salem witch trials, is that it is scripted. It is unlike any other media formats that have taken the approach of retelling the events that took place. The “Witches of Salem” TV show doesn’t follow the same approach, as it has added its own scripted elements. The storyline in this mini-series now involves the entrance of Satan, who has now manipulated the town-folk by inflicting feelings of paranoia. The writers have truly taken a completely different approach to the original events, where the witches, in fact, are portrayed to be real witches. This is a new-found approach to a story that has been adapted several times. Only this time, it’s completely refreshing and a series based on history that the viewers can’t predict. 

Good vs. Evil

While the series has many horrific elements, it brings forth the concept of the battle between good and evil on a much more intrinsic level. Witches, a word that has many negative and evil connotations since decades long ago, are now shown to be on the other end of the spectrum. It truly makes you question the image that we have of witches.

An Element of the Unknown

This mini-series shows many different character arks, and while each episode wraps up a previously set story arc, it opens up a plethora of new ones. While this may not seem to be groundbreaking, one must admit that the execution of such a strategy within a show is quite difficult.

Well Thought-Out

It doesn’t matter whether the genre is comedy, thriller, or even horror, viewers have always been highly likely to point out discrepancies in the plot, or why a certain character would take an action that is so off of their brand. Somehow, the “Witches of Salem” TV show has managed to avoid any such issues. Every character acts according to what their personality traits are, yet will always have an element of surprise, which will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. 

All in all, the resistance that is shown against the forces, even though portrayed through a different perception, is exactly what everyone who has knowledge about the events of the witch trials wished for.