Why We Like the Witches of Salem TV Show

Salem is a town’s name that anyone who even has a small interest in witches immediately recognizes. The mention of the witch trials is what they all immediately respond with. Yet another show on the witch trials? Well, this one is unlike any other adaptation. The “Witches of Salem” TV […]

Top Free Sci-Fi Movies On-Line

Unless you purchase a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, there are slim chances of finding science fiction movies that have a good storyline with little to no plot holes. However, good science fiction movies aren’t just available on streaming services. There is, in fact, a plethora of incredible sci […]

Did Forrest Gump Win Any Oscars?

“Forrest Gump,” the 1994 comedy, romance, and drama movie that won millions of hearts, was a truly world-renowned motion picture. The storyline of the film was based on a novel written by Winston Groom and published in the year 1986. Starring the talented movie star Tom Hanks, “Forrest Gump” grossed […]