Best Movies of 2020

2020 has been a weird year for the film industry. The movie theatres are mainly closed down thanks to COVID and the pandemic has delayed film production right across the board. With so many blockbuster movies going straight to streaming services such as Netflix, it is easy to overlook that […]

Top Five Best Casino Movies On Netflix

Frequent visits to the casino may prove expensive, so instead of losing a bunch of money on the slots, why not indulge by watching your favorite casino movies on Netflix? Here are some of the top casino movies on Netflix, picked specifically for you in mind. 5 Best Casino Movies […]

Did Forrest Gump Win Any Oscars?

“Forrest Gump,” the 1994 comedy, romance, and drama movie that won millions of hearts, was a truly world-renowned motion picture. The storyline of the film was based on a novel written by Winston Groom and published in the year 1986. Starring the talented movie star Tom Hanks, “Forrest Gump” grossed […]

Best Underdog Movie

People love hearing stories of underdogs – a person who was destined to fail, or so the world thought, who wins the battle and leaves everyone in awe of him or her. Everyone in this world is fighting a battle that may seem impossible to achieve. Similarly, we love watching […]