If you are an old soul and would love to relive the past, then drive-in movie theatres will excite you the most. This was a popular leisure activity in America back in the days where one could get a big tub of popcorn and soda and enjoy the movie in their car with their loved ones while all parked in front of a giant projector screen outdoors.

With the improvement in technology and digitalization, this trend declined, but there are still some places in the U.S. where you could enjoy the drive-in theatres and relive the old times. These places still exist, because some people still want to have this past-time, and it’s still a good business. In this article, we will mention some of the coolest drive-in movie theatres that you can still visit. You’ll love these popular drive-in movie theatres in the U.S.

Best Drive-in Movie Theatres

1.     The LakePort Auto Movies: If you are on the northern side of California and wish to have a good time, then the drive-in movie theatre of Lake Port is one of the must-visit destinations. You can enjoy all kinds of fun and friendly movies here with your loved ones. You can witness the beautiful sunsets and eat popcorn while watching movies. If you pay $5 extra you will be allowed to bring in food items and goodies from your home to the theatre!

2.     The Ford Wyoming: Without a doubt, the Ford Wyoming is one of the largest and the most popular theatres in the U.S., as at any given night it is capable of catering 3,000 cars and five big screens for special shows and movies. The place is open even on the weekends for as long as people like; however, in case of bad weather conditions, they do shut down. They even offer various discounts on food items such as pizza, shrimp, chicken, steak, etc., so the place is nothing less than a heaven for both movies and food lovers!

3.     The Minetto Drive-in Theatre: This drive-in theatre in New York is the oldest yet one of the best open in New York. It is as old as 1948 and is one of the first drive-in movie theatres that cater the disabled people, such as the deaf people by screening shows specifically for them. The atmosphere is very beautiful, and the large parks and spaces allow kids to play freely and enjoy the environment.

4.     The 99 W Drive-in Movie Theatre: This drive-in theatre is one of the three only left drive-in theaters left in Oregon. Initially, there were as many as 70 drive-in theatres in Oregon.  Although the featuring is done only seasonally and on weekends, the 99 W is one of the best options for drive-in theatres in Oregon.

The Future of Drive-In Movie Theatres

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, movie theatres around the U.S. have been closed since March. However, select drive-in theatres are still open, since you can safely practice social distancing from your car. Some drive-in theatres have taken innovative measures, such as hosting live music concerts by country musicians such as Brad Paisley, since live concert experiences have also been canceled due to COVID-19. Who knows what the future will bring after COVID?